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BuddyParaiso at 2:23AM, Jan. 10, 2012
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Hello there, I'm kinda new here (kinda sort off) and new from doing web comics…my non-online works were really hand drawn and I worked for several Philippine based publishing houses.
Here in DD I have 6 comics and all were made using a combination of user-friendly 3d programs. I'll tell you all about the following:

The Arboreal Fortress is about dwindling forest patches guarded by dryads. Azona and Fierra, a mother and daughter dryad team must struggle to protect the last remaining forest from a colony of loose cannon Christians Fundies lead by Brother Eliseo. There's a lot of action, violence, nudity, a rape scene and anti-Christianity in this comics so it's rated Matured.

The Basement is about two beautiful girls purchasing a “new” looking house…only to discover that it's haunted by a love struck, romantic ghost. The mystery goes deeper as the girls slowly discovers the true nature of the “romantic ghost” as mysteries begins to unfold…This comics had too many erotic scenes and nudity, best suited for Adults.

Super Bikini Girls is the story of two teenage girls who're supposed to be sweet and wholesome even in their bikinis, enter a strange space traveller and her monster companion (Nope, he's not a Wookie) who gave the two girls tremendous powers to battle monsters and other super powered girls…But all of this is just a ploy to exploit them. There were scenes with “skin showings” Making this comic under Matured.

Warrior Girl Halihana is really a work “based” on a graphic novel I'm doing; a young, headstrong Chieftain's daughter who wage war against macho-mindedness and also hordes of savage monsters. Halihana is acompanied by her funny boy friend Higad, a perimeter guard who acts as her “meat puppet” everytime she's having sexual tensions. Halihana vows to fullfil an “ancient” prophecy of the coming of a monstrous figure from space that would wipe out the remaining tribes of humanity. This comics is for Matured readers for nudity and sensuality.

My version of a Tim Burton world, The Haunters is a ghastly tale of 3 inter-dimensional monsters that invades a world of ghosts, phantoms and goblins, only to suck them up and use them as energy. Anna and Nastasha; two paranormal agents were tasked to investigate the doings of these “Dark Trio” called The Haunters by ghosts thermselves…later on, the Haunters will be sucking the souls of living persons so Anna and Nastasha must stop them before it's too late. M for matured but nothing sensual or sexual in here.

The Further Adventures of VOLTES V is a fan fiction i made, tribute to Tadao Nagahama's Giant Robot Romance Trilogy; The story takes place after the defeat of the Boazanian Invaders, Planet Earth's mightiest hero “Chodenji Mashin Voltes V” and the Voltes Team is about to face a new invader, allied with Planet Arus and Voltron…it will be a fight to the finish! This work is also influenced by the Gerry Anderson sci-fi format like “Stingray” and “Thunderbirds” so I used my SOC collection to  portray the hardwares, machines and “Giant mecha”.  Teen yet with little panty flashes from Megumi.
I've noticed much of the movies (Be them as live or 3D animation, continues to exhibit machismo tendencies (How subtle they maybe.) Even there are strong, female characters in a story, it is always the “Nerdie”, low potential male characters who ends up having the last say or getting the girl's interest…when will this ever end???
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