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(Plug/Crit)- Dueling Heroes
Escutcheon at 9:19PM, Jan. 15, 2012
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 Hello all!
My name here is Escutcheon, and I have a comic
that I've been working on a while- been refining it for a good while,
but it's still fairly new.
Dueling Heroes is the name- a comic
whose story centers between two heroes, each looking to call Cetacion
City their turf, clashing against criminals, madmen, and diabolical
plans in their search- even as Cetacion slowly opens up its more creepy,
occult side. If they can get out of each other's ways, they may just
stand a chance.
I wasn't entirely sure how to
classify this comic, so I went with its most obvious genre- Superhero.
Even so, it's going to definitely cross into the realm of fantasy. 
I went ahead and waited until I had at least a mini-arc to work from. So by all means, please, enjoy Dueling Heroes! I intend to keep updating every Thursday (though I do intend in the future to make it two updates a week or more).
That said, please enjoy! Feedback is appreciated!
Escutcheon at 2:28PM, May 10, 2012
posts: 102
joined: 10-30-2011
So, 25 pages in now an with some experience under my belt, the page format has taken quite a bit of a change!
In terms of updates, I'll likely update the thread if/when I am ready to go biweekly. Til then, enjoy!

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