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Lets Play Tribal Feud! A War Game.
Mettaur at 12:22PM, April 4, 2012
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This is Mr.Iscariot, and I come to you with an offer. Something I like to call, war games. There are six players each round, each leading their own community, tribe, team, squad, or town. You are able to pick one of six factions, first come, first serve.
Randomly generated amounts of points allow you to purchase cheap regular troops, mounted units, or heavy soldiers. The better they are, the more points they have. Each round ending leads to a round with more points, and more “time”. We start off in the stone age with sticks and stones, and it leads to post-apocalyptic battles in the future with robots and laser weapons.
Each round starts off with a new technology, for example, in the stone age the new technology is the club. A contest of wits or talent determines who gets this better technology. Or a random dice roll, I could go either way. Well, you take turns, either building up points for more soldiers, or attacking your enemies.
I have a feeling this game will develop itself more over time, and with enthusiastic participation. So, do I have any volunteers?
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