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lizinverse at 5:48PM, April 5, 2012
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In leiu of my fail polls + eyecandy, I thought i would try something different. Is there anything that you're just DYING to know? About anyone in the Pita universe? You can state a question to any of the characters (or to me!) here! Your questions, and the answers, will appear on future pages of the comic for all to see. :)
Be aware that questions wanting spoilers will be answered in ways you won't expect. :3
Go ahead, ask me and my brain children anything!
dragonestea at 4:02PM, April 9, 2012
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(To Pita) Does the carpet match the drapes bubblegum head? (thought I'd start the questioning on a refined and mature note)
(To Buhi) You seem to like saying your own name a lot for no apparent reason. My question to you is… Are you a pokemon?
(To Belie) Do you like tall guys? with mutton chops?
(To Jinx's dad) You've done a lot of bad stuff, but you can redeem yourself if you can truthfully give an affirmative answer to this question: Did you do it for the lulz?
lizinverse at 5:41PM, April 11, 2012
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why sankyu, your questions will be appearing in pages soonish :D
MOrgan at 4:16AM, Aug. 11, 2012
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Pita, How do you feel about being named after a type of bread?
Paska, Are you naturally a bitch or do you have to work at it?
Author, Are there dragons in your world?
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Tiffy at 6:53AM, Aug. 11, 2012
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Jinx: When you were in your kid form, how did it feel to be less manly ‘down there’?
Pita: Has anyone tried eating your hair? It looks rather tasty.
Buhi: Do you like bacon? 
Kou the Mad at 6:04PM, Aug. 12, 2012
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gonna takea few minutes to think of a few.

Pita: is there a giant Scorpion in a top hat standing behind you
Belie: on a scale of clock to banana, how crazy are you?


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