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Artist(s) wanted for short stories, samples included.
Genejoke at 1:55AM, April 18, 2012
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I have a few scripts that require artists, here are some samplers to whet your appetites. unless sated there are no preexisting character designs.If you're interested in doing one reply or PM me, whichever works for you. The only thing I ask is that if you take one on and find you're unable to do it for any reason, please let me know so I can try and collar some other poor schmuck into doing it.Open to any art style as long as it can carry the story. The first is a four page script, nearly half of it is here to give you a feel for it.

The Black Vending Machine.Scriptage by Rachel Evil McCallPAGE ONE: One panel. A sidewalk on an urban street at night. In front of a large brick wall is the Vending Machine. It is solid black, and appears to be a beverage vending machine. It has a small LED display on the right side, above a column of buttons. It looms ominously beneath a street light.CAPTION: Nobody knows where it came from.PAGE TWO: Four panel grid.Panel 1: A man walks by the machine.CAPTION: Nobody knows where it will appear.Panel 2: The man stops, intrigued by the machine.Panel 3: The man looks over the buttons.CAPTION: Nobody knows why it exists.Panel 4: We see the buttons, which say “True Love”, “Wealth”, “Success”, “Happiness”, “Enlightenment,” and “Everything.” The LED display above them says “WHAT DO YOU WANT”.

Script two, this is six pages in total.

The NormsA story about the some very average looking men, all called Norm, who keep the world ticking along. Page divisions and frame layouts are just suggestions.Page ONETwo very average looking guys in average clothes in monitor room with screens and buttons and banks of lights. One is entering the room, the other seated.1.Norm1: “Hi, Norm.”Norm2: “Hi, Norm.”2.Norm1: “How's things, Norm?”Norm2: “Oh, same old, same old, Norm.”3.Norm1: “Anything on the monitors, Norm?”Norm2: “Nothing out of the ordinary, Norm.”4.Norm1: “That's the way we like it, Norm.”Norm2: “You can say that again, Norm.”5.A flashing red light and sirens go off.FX: Aooogah! Aoogah!Norm1: “Nope. Looks like I can't, Norm.”Page TWO1. The two Norms looking at the monitor while the alarms and lights are still going off.FX: Aooogah! Aoogah!Norm1: “Where's the beef, Norm?”Norm2: “Sector Twelve. And it's not just beef … ”2. Large frame showing a downtown intersection where a vortex has opened up from some odd dimension and bizarre creatures have spewed out of it. It is up to you what they are exactly. But make them no bigger than a larger cow.Text Block: TITLES: The Norms

This one is only broken down into panels.

Title: UNLEASHED Story by ayesinback, Art by ____________Characters (gender nonspecific):Terry (average build), leadChris (larger than average), foilPat (smaller than average), antagonistInstructorDirectorPanel 1 – close up of newspaper advert:Your New YouWe all have abilities that lay beneath the surface. Take our self-realization course now and change Ability to Talent—Talent to Strength! Unleash your inner power. Call today!Panel 2 – Terry holding newspaper, interested expressionWhy not? With some training, I’d be a great facilitator.Panel 3 – Terry on the phone, listening. Bubble from phone:Your timing is excellent. We’re just setting up a new class. When can you come in for an interview?Panel 4 – Terry at table with Instructor. Terry looks pleased.Instructor, sales-pitch expression:. . . That’s a perfect fit for this class. Are you available Thursday evenings?Panel 5 – Instructor standing in front of table where Terry, Pat and Chris are seated.Good evening! Let’s start with introductionsPanel 6 – Chris baffled; Pat ldisgruntled; Instructor holding up index finger. Terry, moderately enthusiastic, begins:Hi. I’m Terry and I’m here to—Instructor interrupts: Just names please. To enable you to unleash your hidden talent, we won’t be sharing our abilities with each other.Panel 7 – Instructor exiting at door:Very well, Chris, Pat, and Terry. This is where you get to work. For the next 20 minutes proceed to unleash your hidden talents.Panel 8 – Door closed; Terry, Chris, and Pat alone in the classroom seated at table. Terry, looking puzzled, speaks:Wha’? Anybody else thinks this is—Pat, still disgruntled, interrupts: I wanna know one thing: Who died and made you King?Panel 9 – Terry very surprised. Chris, hesitant expression, speaks upUh, Pat, wasn’t Terry just expressing some surprise? I know I’m surprised.Pat responds:I know his type – Alpha Control Freak – thinks they know better than anybody else.

This one does have a previously used character, the girl from this story here

AFTER episode fourGo Fishby David Tulloch and (your name here)Disclaimer: Like anything I write, the panel breakdowns are just suggestions. If you want to group some panels together so there are multiple speech bubbles, or break them apart so there are more panels with less words, feel free. Layout suggestions are just that. You're the artist, feel free to play with the layout and frames as you wish. Page ONE1/1Connie, the homeless girl from a previous episode, Great Expectation, is standing on the side of a highway, thumb out, hitch-hiking. She has a backpack that looks like it was once a school bag, although not hers. She is returning from the ocean, and has a necklace she has made of a shell on some string around her neck. Cars and pickups go by on the road which is not congested, but still busy. 1/2A pickup pulls over in front of Connie, and she jogs toward it.1/3A large panel with Titles that shows the pickup close up, so we can see the rear bumper/tailgate of the pickup. There's a Christian fish symbol on it, as well as an NRA bumper sticker that read ‘From My Cold Dead Hands’. We can see the open passenger side door, and Connie's legs. The fish symbol on the truck should be nice and obvious, and the titles should be nearby to further draw attention to it. After all, this is after the rapture, so anyone driving a truck with these symbols must be an interesting kind of person.(off) Get in, little lady. (off) Thanks, mister.TITLESAFTEREpisode fiveGo FishPage TWOThe next few pages take place inside the pickup. The man is a heavy-set. His backstory (in case it helps visualize him) is that he was a radio evangelical preacher before the rapture. The fact that he remains gives some indication to his character. The radio is on, quietly at first, in the pickup. 2/1Man: “Where you headed?”Connie: “Austin.”(radio, soft): “… all you're bar-be-que needs under one roof. Bar-be-que Town … ”2/2Man: “I can get you a-ways.”Connie: “Thanks.”(radio, soft): “For the best Bar-be-que around, come down to Bar-be-que Town.”2/3Man: “Nice to have some company. Normally just me and the radio.”(radio, soft): “And you're back with Dr. Marsha. Go ahead caller.”2/4Man: “You from round here?”Connie: “I used to be.”(radio, soft): “Hi, Dr. Marsha. I'm Bob, from Fort Worth … 2/5Man: ”Things change, don't they.“Connie: ”Yeah.“(radio, soft): ”Hi, Bob, what can I help you with today? … "

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