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(plug/crit) Pulse (superhero comic)
Lightfoot at 12:56AM, May 8, 2012
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Pulse is the story of two female armored superheroines- engineer Annie “Pulse” Chang, and test pilot Tabitha “Bolt” Greene. The two both naturally have a common kind of electrical power referred to as being a “battery”, they use their natural charge to power their flying, shielded, super-strong armored suits. The two are relatively weak (with only their first generation suits at this point), and relatively inexperienced. They have to deal with usually out of their league enemies, and dangerous rivals.

I'd say it's about PG-13, and 83 pages so far (black and white for the first 75 pages, color from 76 onward. I'm in the process of coloring the B&W pages, and tweaking any mistakes I find).
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Escutcheon at 2:13PM, May 10, 2012
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Looks like you have an awesome start so far! (Far more pages than me, that's for sure!) I like the whole premise there, looking forward to reading more! Great stuff!

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