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Nightmare on Elm Street Tribute Comic
itsjustaar at 12:19AM, June 23, 2012
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So, it's been about a year and a half now doing my webcomic KUWT and I haven't really had time to continue any of my old stuff (ZombieToons? Well, I do have one thing, but it's buried in deep dirt for now). Last year I had one month off of December to just beat around the bush and wound up making a side-comic which in turn was for a friend, but it helped bring some faces back from the previous issues.
It seems kinda random, but now and again I've always tickled the idea to do tribute comics. This was the most requested next to another one based on Great Mouse Detective (or rather, the KUWT/my webcomic origins story, featuring the character I plan to bring back into the main series).

I'm two pages in already, but it'll be basically a run-around featuring the best Freddy Krueger moments from the movies featuring my characters and jokey caricatures from the films themselves.
Check it out! It'll be a deviantArt exclusive since I don't have time to cram it in between now and next month when I start my next issue.
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