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My current production schedule
Dumok at 4:59AM, July 10, 2012
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I've Finally noticed some of the questions being asked on my homepage and my comic pages, so I am going to answer them, but first a minor kvetch:  
Would the programmers here please put something to let us know when our pages and what not have been commented on?
Alrighty then, As many of you know I am currently working on SIX titles (I know, I'm nuts) however in an effort to hone my craft more, I am currently producing one book at a time.So Yes I will be getting back to the other titles but it's going to be a more cyclical run on each. With, hopefully, some overlap. I will be using this thread on Drunkduck to announce what book I am working on at the current moment.
Current Project: Haven and Adler: Detectives for Hire: “The Not so happy ending pt 1”

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