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Serious WRITER looking for Serious ARTIST for submission and pitches
SalviB at 9:15AM, Aug. 2, 2012
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Credentials: BA Degree in Communications: TV and Radio. Worked for FOX29 in Sports Broadcasting (edited footage and assisted with scripts for on-air broadcast), Worked for Exel (wrote how-to manuals)

Now I am diving into the world I have loved since a child, comics and graphic novels! I have a Two scripts put together.  I mainly write “Full-Script” formatted scripts. I have very detailed scripts due to a lack of an arsenal of artists. However, I am now looking to write “Plot-First” formatted scripts and I am posting today to find an artist that can tell a strong story through his panels and needs a writer to provide the proper captioning and dialogue.  This will be a very 50/50 story, like the days of Stan Lee when he was writing everything for marvel with various artists.  The story I am looking to do does not currently exist. I would like to brainstorm with an artist. I can write to what this artists strong suits are (i.e. western, scifi, superhero, manga, etc.) 

The Plan:
Come up with a solid story with strong characters to try a convey a message. I intend to pitch and submit everything this artist and I accomplish. If all else fails we can look into some self-publishing and creator-owned distribution companies. 

I am very serious about this so if you will not be committed DO NOT reply! 

There is no money but maybe one day there will be after pitching and submitting to bigger companies as well as at comic-cons. (I will be attending in NY in October and plan to submit a ton of work at that time.

NOTE: I am still interested in artists who would like to collaborate with panels I have created through writing.

Message me on this site and we will email after that.

I look forward to hearing back from anyone interest.

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