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Trangender communit project needs contributors
shastab24 at 5:30AM, Nov. 24, 2012
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I need artists for my community project comic currently running.  It's a transgender superhero crossover, and I believe the first superhero crossover where all the heroes are transgender.
What I need are artists who are willing to do at least a page of art each for the comic.  Any art style is accepted (except for stick figures and sprites), so long as you can use it to tell the story.
The comic will also be put in print (if everybody involved is okay with it) with proceeds going to the Hero Initiative, a charity that helps comic creators in need.
I also want future contributors.  Like Heroes Unite once was and Heroes Alliance is, this is intended to be a fully community project.  As long as you can get permission to use all the characters (which means having the script approved by all the creators) and get enough artists, you can be a part of the comic.  Well, all that and a respectful approach to trans people, but I would hope that would be a given.

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