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Kickstarter project "the butterfly kingdom"
Mr Kaos at 5:49AM, Dec. 10, 2012
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joined: 2-3-2010
One of mine friends is now starting a kickstarter project and needs backers to support her project. and she is not a member of DD but i want to help her to spread the word still.  
you can look at this to get more details and such. even ask her if you want to know more.
Please look into this and think about to support that or at least spread the word around about the project.
make her dreams become true. I can say that she is a good artist with a wide imagination and got a twisted sense of humor. you can see it for yourself in this
I am sorry if i did put this thread in wrong place so if it is not too much trouble you can just move it to it's rightfully place.

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