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Equilibrium Thread II
JimHarbor at 2:34PM, Feb. 7, 2013
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So this is my thread for Equilibrium, the classic
“anti-verse” HA project I'm taking over.

Thinking about 32-64 pages, depending on flow and needs.

Old thread linked here:

Basic Plot Summary.

When a teleportation accident caused by a fight with a
teleporting foe opens a whole to another dimension, two worlds are caught in a
power struggle as the team meets doppelgangers of some of their closet foes and
greatest enemies. And maybe… something in between?

Old Thread


A cast so far:

The FUniverse:

Arie le Conte /Bomber: Former Functionaries Union agent and current
leader of the private Supermercenary team the Functional Allegiance. Arch rival
to Sturmfront and Husk, and a power mad exhibitionist.
Breard Augustone/ Sturmfront: Supreme General of The
Functionaries Union and a super soldier bonded to an alien Relik, given access
to all the powers of the Embers of Elated Elder Eldritch Energy. Devoted to the
cause of superhuman supremacy and the lynchpin of the Governments human WMD

Masao Kimura/ Husk: Electrical Imperator of the Asias. After
a coup against the CI -friendly Show┼Ź regime, his robotic army swiftly over ran
all opposition and dominated the Pacific. He now exists in an uneasy standoff
with the UA via his own Post-Cybernetic force, The Wanai Transhuman Power. The
Powers that be want him removed for his radical trans humanism and lust for
power, but the technology dependence he engineered the world on forces them to tolerate
his reign, for now.
Natalie OLalor /Crimeboss: The last Supreme General of the Functionaries
Union and leader of the black ops, social engineering department. She was fired
disgraced and detained after the events of the New Reesko incident. She is
currently in CSA in a F.R.E.E. Operated Prison Complex off the coast of

My basic image of this “antiverse” is to take a look at all the
past events that happened in the HUniverse, and reimagine how they would play
out if everyone was TOTAL assholes. Thus, we have a standoff between alt
Bombshell, Commander and SHELL over issues very similar to those they have in
our universe. Mix in a healthy dosage of
the bad guys win ism (The Confederates won the Civil War, The Nazis won WWII
AND the Soviets won the Cold War) and some creative fun with the origins and
BOOM! We have an antiverse.

Not sure on the heroic cast and whose available, but Id probably
use whatever lineup the HA has at the time with a few cameos as the plot
spirals out of control.
Id also like to not use as many OCs since a Mirror World
story is inherently derivative of the main universe, so I hope to introduce any
new concepts beforehand.

So that's all. Responces welcome!
shastab24 at 12:31AM, Feb. 8, 2013
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I'll always allow Sparkle and Astral, as well as my villains. Plus, if you want to mine the characters I haven't put on the boards (but am going to), I can tell you about Locomotive, Purple Power, Technica, Noggin, the Ammon Kid, the Herculean, et al.
JimHarbor at 10:34AM, Feb. 8, 2013
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Well thank you! I want this tio be jammed with as many cameos and apernces of both HUniverse and FUniverse characters that I can allow! Very Crisis on Two Earths.
What I need to know though is what HA lineup I can use, and also if 32 or 64 pages (both would be in two parts) would work best.
An idea I would like to do is to have the story be totally symertycial (like Watchmen Chapter V: Fearful Symetry) each page in the first pary being mirroed by one inthe second, preferably by the same artist.

So in any case I just need some more feedback before I can go ahead. I'd like to assume that the character refralls from the last thread carry over, but better safe than sorry. Dont want to get sued :P
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LuchaCoffee at 10:43PM, Feb. 8, 2013
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I definitely want to make sure that Peligroso gets into this :D
I like my horror films like I love my burgers…Full of Cheese!!

JimHarbor at 2:14AM, Feb. 9, 2013
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Right on!
So this is lookign like a double feature, two parts of sixteen pages each? Or is that two little?
AzuJOD at 2:31AM, Feb. 9, 2013
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I believe it's safe to assume that anything said in the last thread applies to this one.

Also this was said in a different thread, but I think it applies to this one.

AzuJOD wrote:
Sebastian_Sandberg wrote:@Abt_Nihil: Believe me, I DO have a little deeper story ground for the whole idea of an alternate universe where black and white morality is reversed, where that leaves the grey morality etc. As already mentioned, whereas some stories have Superman facing off against Ultraman in an even fight, I was looking more at the idea of the story having two groups of characters on both sides, interdimensional equilibrium playing a role in the way the realities cross over and playing around with the roles for the characters in each team.
If that means that the Mirror Universe is not completely evil, just as the regular universe is not completely good, then that that's exactly what I was thinking!Also, since the Mirror Universe is not completely evil, that means there can be good versions of HUverse villains!
Abt_Nihil at 6:41AM, Feb. 9, 2013
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I volunteer any of my characters, and - without looking at the other thread - it's safe to assume anything I've said in the other thread still applies :)

As for the chapter's length - I'd say it primarily depends on the story. It shouldn't be crammed, but shouldn't drag on either. HA/HU stories will usually turn out a bit longer than intended, mostly because we've got so many characters to do justice. And I usually find anything above 30 pages a bit hard to manage. But it's certainly not impossible, so, again, if the story warrants it, why not?

On that note, it would probably be good if you'd write an outline first before moving to a full script. Potential edits will be much easier that way.
JimHarbor at 1:33PM, Feb. 9, 2013
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I cant wait!
outline to be posted ahoy!
JimHarbor at 7:31PM, Feb. 9, 2013
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And its done! What do you think? I deifntly tried to get that “shades of grey” idea going across, with events in the FUniverse directly mirroring those in the HUnverse and the character dynamics being very similar.
The “fundamnetal differnce” I was going with was that while in the HUniverse we have good people who do bad things, in the FUniverse there are bad people who many do good things.
As you can see in the outline, the idea is to take the interpersonal drama at the core of the HUniverse characters and bring that up into a larger than life, if more dark, settingscape. The disconect in relationship between our main Titans being turned into the drive of a global cold war seemed a very good way to encompase that. Imagine Nixon, Superman and Tony Stark all getting into a fight over a bad break up :D!
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JimHarbor at 1:27PM, Feb. 10, 2013
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Dr Maria Grate
Crime Warp/Criversis
Fearless (referenced only)
The Heroes Alliance/The Functional Allegiance
Mirko Borovinka*/Mirko Borovinka
Heroes Unite*/ The Functionaries Union
The Japaneese Superhuman Stregnth*/ The Wanai Transhuman Power
General Lawler/Doktor OLalor
Natasha Lawler/ Natalie OLalor*
Omega Justice*/ The Alphas
Vora, Princess of the Skies*/Phagous, Empress of the Airs
The Impractical Mr. Imp / The Sinister Segnore Cert*

Those marked with * don't appear.

A noted rule if Multiversal Travel here that I thin goes well with the themes presnetged (as well as avoiding a cliche) is that two counterparts cannot both meet as it causes an imbalance. If you port to the other world, they get ported to your world to preserve Equillibrium.

And yes I have detailed backstories for everyone.
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Sebastian_Sandberg at 11:21AM, Feb. 12, 2013
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I can see that the story is in fully capable hands. But change Virtus counterpart's name to Vitium, please. I don't see any need for that change in the first place.
JimHarbor at 6:16PM, Feb. 12, 2013
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So you got the outline! Cool glad to say you liked it and I hoppe I integrated your original vision properly.
Changing Virtus' counterpart now.

I pictured Virtium as a kinda Slade Wilson style mercenary-for-hire. With a suit full of Fett style gadgets to counteract Virtus's more Spider-Man stle fighting style.
AzuJOD at 2:02AM, Feb. 13, 2013
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Did you send me the outline? Because if you did I didn't get it, and if you didn't could you send it please?
Sebastian_Sandberg at 8:30AM, Feb. 13, 2013
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No, I did not read the outline. At least there's not an outline in my inbox.
I don't know about that. True, a Vitium with lots of guns is very anti-Virtus, but I can't really get behind the idea of a gunman/Boba Fett take on Virtus that can outrun his own bullets. I'd rather we stick with the simpler design I PQ:d you a while back. Keep him as a Spider-Man type combatant, but without any of the moral restraint. But now that you do say it, some hidden forearm blades or such would probably fit an evil speedster as a quick and lethal weapon. As for making him a mercenary, that's an idea I'm fully endorsing.
JimHarbor at 10:14AM, Feb. 13, 2013
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Sebastian_Sandberg wrote: No, I did not read the outline. At least there's not an outline in my inbox..I don't know about that. True, a Vitium with lots of guns is very anti-Virtus, but I can't really get behind the idea of a gunman/Boba Fett take on Virtus that can outrun his own bullets. I'd rather we stick with the simpler design I PQ:d you a while back. Keep him as a Spider-Man type combatant, but without any of the moral restraint. But now that you do say it, some hidden forearm blades or such would probably fit an evil speedster as a quick and lethal weapon. As for making him a mercenary, that's an idea I'm fully endorsing.So something like a negative Captain America or a Slade from Teen Titans? That sounds cool, im down.
Sebastian_Sandberg at 1:22PM, Feb. 13, 2013
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I'm thinking more like your “average jerkass in-it-for-the-money-and thrills punk” to counter the mainstream Virtus “kind but sort of anti-social loner hero” And for the record, his main power is speed. I don't know if that's been made clear from the few HA stories he appeared in.
JimHarbor at 1:28PM, Feb. 13, 2013
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Yeah when looking at his stories I thought he was just some kind fo Swedish ninaj or something, but yeah going through teh wiki now I can see.
No sweat actually in fact, the “mercenary” angle is a big part of the story (doenst really come across in the outline since its mostly in the dialouge.)
irrevenant at 3:54AM, Dec. 14, 2013
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I was thinking about this, and “Bombshell” is actually just as good a supervillain name as a superhero one. It might be interesting for her to be the only character where both versions share a name.
I leave it to others to consider what, if anything, that implies regarding how close to the line the ‘heroic’ Bombshell is skating nowadays…
PIT_FACE at 4:05PM, Dec. 16, 2013
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I see you have the whole of R.I.S.E. in there, pretty rad! I put forth Bones for you to use anyways if you want to.

irrevenant at 4:55AM, Nov. 24, 2014
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Since hopefully Chaos will be making an appearance in HA before this story airs (cross-fingers), I present his alter:


Like his HUniverse counterpart, Pandemonium is a brilliant, inventive and unpredictable thrillseeker. However, where Chaos is driven by a need to help people and improve society, Pandemonium is driven by a need to cut society open and see what lies beneath.

His costume is very similar to Chaos's except, where Chaos's is composed of a lavalamp-like flow of colours, Pandemonium's is made up primarily of flashes and explosions with sharp, jagged edges.

He also leans more towards the biological sciences than his HUniverse counterpart as demonstrated by his debut stunt of releasing a pathogen in the Fusion Cityyouth centre which artificially aged it's occupants.
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cdmalcolm1 at 10:10AM, Oct. 18, 2016
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If this idea is still happening, I would love to get a copy of the script for pages to be done. I know my character would be too leave to enter the ring but she is available to use if need be. SolarCell would simply be her former self, “Ina.”
irrevenant at 4:45PM, Oct. 23, 2016
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It would be interesting at this point and would presumably feature a more heroic RISE. What *is* the inverse of “supervillain rehabilitation program anyway”? Superhero corruption program?
Abt_Nihil at 4:32AM, Oct. 25, 2016
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If it's directly mirrored, an evil government or underworld organization forcing valiant superheroes to do evil things. Or, if the concept of forcing them is also reversed, maybe they're being seduced to do the evil things they've wanted to do all along >:p

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