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Daemons are the offspring of demon lords or archdukes and humans. They are extremely rare as these powerful demons rarely enter the human realm and the women usually don’t survive the encounter. There have only been 2 known Daemon in the last 75 years, the most recent being Victoria Jackson.
Daemons begin life appearing to be normal human children but after puberty, they begin to exhibit their daemon heritage.Barring a traumatic event,  they undergo their first shift in their early 20's
While in human form, they are resistant to injury and heal quickly. They also have extremely hard nails that can gouge or rip through virtually any substance.
When a daemon converts to their demonic form, they grow larger and are virtually indestructible. The first few shifts, especially when initiated by trauma, can be violent as the daemon's instincts may take over.
Due to the rarity of the species, little more is known about them. Hopefully, Victoria's enlistment in the Consortium will allow us the opportunity to learn more.
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