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HEROES: Some new characters by SUX - Ancient Mariner, Wind Savage, Desert Star, Monsieur Monkey and more...
LuchaCoffee at 7:13PM, April 9, 2013
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Hey guys, I've been a busy little bee when it comes to new characters, so I thought I would submit them here for you guys to discuss and perhaps work on getting them and many others into some stories.
New Characters for HU
HEX Angel
Atomic Princess – Punk singer who gets blasted by radiation during a concert, becomes an atomic super hero.
Powers: green vocal blasts and super strength
Electronic Rebel- guitarist who gets blasted by radiation and becomes a electronic user
Powers: “Sound” base attacks and electric powers

Radiation Freak- Drummer who gets blasted by radiation and becomes a giant monster
Powers: beast form is permanent. super strength and invulnerability
Tattooed-oid or the Ink master- Bassist who gets blasted by radiation and becomes a master of body ink
Powers: Has tattoos on his body that he uses as his powers, (Ex. A fire tattoo makes him able to shoot fire from his hands)

Steam –Powered Mariner: A man who finds an ancient suit underwater and becomes a defender of the land and the seas.
Powers: Enhanced alien tech and weapons, ability to live underwater.
Desert Star- Arabic hero who becomes enchanted with the energy of a star
Powers: cosmic energy, flight and space travel
Wind Savage- A being from a time long forgotten returns to fight for humankind
Powers: Enhanced strength and powers of the wind
Cyber Viking- a man who becomes combined with a cybernetic war machine
Powers: “Future” Viking Tech
Sun Wonder- Being from another world who lands on earth to become a hero
Power: Sun energy from hands, shield and flight.
Plastic Detective- Detective who falls into a vat of chemicals which turns him into a plastic hero
Powers: Ability to stretch and change his body into fantastic shapes.
Stone Torch- An ancient carving of a samoan fire god who is awoken
by a young boy and they meld into one being by holding onto the necklace
of the fire god and chanting his ancient name.
Powers: ability to become a 6 foot being made of ancient fire and
rock, can create fire from his hands, and magma, can create shields of

Golden Age Heroes
Omnipotent Gal- a girl who was given the ability to absorb various
powers from other heroes and use them to fight against villains.
Powers: Absorption of powers through kissing, can be super strong or flight or speed, powers only last a few hours.
Pistol Centurion- an alien who came from a civilization that modeled
itself after Romans crashes to Earth and becomes a defender against
Powers: Armor, skilled marksman training.
Orbital Boy- Boy with the ability to create gravity.
Monsieur Monkey- Monkey that was given hyper intelligence through alien rays
Powers: Hyper intelligent and psychic, talks like a proper French man
Valiant Ray- A heroic man who dresses like a paladin.
Powers: A holy blade that cuts most metals.
Star Imp- Devilish alien from the stars
Powers: cosmic energy, flight, ability to curse.
Supreme Gladiators- Alien Mercenaries who dress as roman gladiators
Powers: Alien tech that reflects ancient weapons
October Corporation- Villanous Corporation who create artificial men to use as avatars for ancient gods.
Shadow Heretic- A fanatic who worships the shadows and can summon dark beasts to fight for him.
Hooded Terror- a mysterious hooded man in a suit.
Stealth Rider- mysterious rider who can sneak into almost anywhere and steal
Metal Vandal- Futuristic barbarian
Infinity Outlaw- Outlaw from the multiverse who steals and rides an interdimensional horse.
Artillery Wolf- Robot with a wolfs head who has multiple cannons and rockets.
Gorilla Deathsquad- a group of mercenary gorillas
War Knight- a neo-Knight
bent on world destruction, claims to be Arthur Pendragon.
Doom Crew- a group of thugs who wield powerful guns
Psychotic Trooper- a trooper who suffered from a psychotic
breakdown with the experimentation into psychic abilities and his own
Powers: Advanced Telekinesis and mental projection
Blood Master- Serial killer who uses blood to create weapons
Powers: Uses his own blood to create weapons and energy

Miss Despot- A woman who believe that women should rule above all things, including men.
Powers: An army of mind controlled women.
Sister Detonator- A nun who believes that it is her duty to fight
against the “Evil” of society by destroying all “False” things.
Powers: Ability to create explosions from her hands.
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LuchaCoffee at 8:31AM, Dec. 29, 2013
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I'm finally getting back to work on these guys, hopefully I can get through most of them :D
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LuchaCoffee at 7:11PM, Jan. 1, 2014
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Here's a few of the new ones that I have worked on.
First is Wind Savage- a girl from another time who is pulled to the modern era and now tries to survive this new jungle.
Powers: Wind and abnormal strength
Origin- On an Island separated by time where dinosaurs roamed the world alongside humans there exsisted  a tribe known as the Wind. A group of cave people who were blessed with the ability to use the wind to gain speed. K'ira was the latest child born into the Wind and was she said to be very talented in her hunting and speed.
In this universe it was the Dinosaurs who became the dominant species and ruled with iron claw against the humans, subjecting them to Harsh gladiator matches and massacres. Ruled over by the dreaded Lord Snarl.
To combat the Wind whom he deemed savages, he instigated a burn campaign which meant the massacre of villages and burning them to the ground taking humans as spoils. K'ira was saved by the Wind as it created a powerful gust which as if by magic brought her to the modern world. Now she tries to make sense of this strange time that she was thrusted into and works to prepare for the fight against Snarl.

Desert Star- an Arabic hero who is given powers after touching a fallen star.
powers: Flight and light based powers

And finally my favorite Monsieur Monkey- once an ordinary monkey, he was enveloped in brain manipulation rays that heightened his intelligence. 
Powers: Intellect, psychic ability and savant style martial arts and caporeia.

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irrevenant at 3:44PM, Jan. 2, 2014
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Some cool designs there, sux. I love Desert Star's outfit and Monsieur Monkey is awesome. 
I have a couple of comments/suggestions:
If Monsieur Monkey's enhancements are purely mental (ie. He's still physically a monkey, not some sort of monkey-human hybrid) then his proportions should be that of a monkey rather than a person. What sort of monkey is he, BTW? 
I've noticed that you tend to be rather literal in the way you name your characters, with names like “Wind Savage” and “Pistol Centurion”.  I have the same tendency myself.
It's preferable though, to come up with names that don't just describe a character's powers (or don't even describe their powers) in favour of conveying you a bit more about their nature. 

Some examples from the comics:
A villain with the ability to change shape could be called something like ‘Shifter’. Marvel chose the name ‘Mystique’, which conveys a sense of mystery, allure and untrustworthiness.  DC chose the name ‘Oracle’ for their super-hacker character which emphasises her knowledge and mysteriousness rather than her literal ‘power’ of computing skills. etc. etc. 
This is especially common amongst badass normals. The Question, The Guardian, Gangbuster, Silk Spectre, the Punisher and Mr Terrific are all unpowered humans but you get very different feel for each character just by their names.
That said, don't mess with “Monsieur Monkey” - that's just awesome. :D
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LuchaCoffee at 10:42PM, Jan. 2, 2014
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I do see your point about it and I'm still kinda tinkering with them. I honestly used a random name generator to come up with some of the names and just tried to figure out how to make them work.
I think with Monsieur Monkey he's kinda meant to be a throwback to Detective Chimp more or less.
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irrevenant at 3:08AM, Jan. 5, 2014
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Oh, that makes sense if they're randomly generated names!  That's a good approach for coming up with characters. Once you've come up with the characters and are familiar with their background and personality, it might still be worth reviewing the name.
Would you mind if I did fanart of some of your characters? I could use the practice. I'd particularly like to have a go at a Spider Monkey version of Monsieur Monkey…
BTW, have you decided which are heroes, which are villains and which are neither or both, yet? 
LuchaCoffee at 6:38AM, Jan. 6, 2014
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Well Monsieur is a hero and so is Desert, Wind is a neutral party since she's kinda a caveperson XD
But yeah go right ahead,  I'm just use to drawing humans that I'm still learning to draw animals hahah :P
I'll work on their origins so they will make more sense.
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LuchaCoffee at 7:53AM, Jan. 10, 2014
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irrevenant wrote at 12:41AM Jan 10, 2014
I assume both the goddess and the child are active inside their communal body?  I see her as being sort of above it all and aloof and him being very idealistic and passionate.

SUX wrote at 7:53AM, Jan. 10, 2014:
That looks amazing and yes go right ahead with that.
I think that would an interesting dynamic and yeah I do see them as being both conscious and perhaps in some ways fighting over what they need to do.
I'm glad I got back to work on them, now I gotta work on an origin for Spatulator XD
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irrevenant at 11:06PM, Feb. 12, 2014
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The two characters that have been fleshed out a bit have been split off into their own topics.
Ancient Mariner: http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/forum/topic/176081/
Monsieur Monkey: http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/forum/topic/176082/
EDIT: Stone Torch has her own topic now too: http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/forum/topic/176102/

Unfortunately, it's not really possible to split off partial posts. :(  I've edited in the context where possible, but there's still the odd quirk where it looks like we're responding to nothing. xO  Sorry about that.
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