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Can a webcomic help the homeless?
Ice 9 at 8:10AM, April 21, 2013
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Short answer no long answer yes with a but.
To put it another way, I’m here testing the better side of
human nature. You see, I work with the homeless and there are things my program
has trouble buying that make my job and the environment I provide for the
homeless more pleasant and safe.
I’d like to dedicate my ad money to buying things for the
homeless, if I had any, and that’s where duckers can come in.
Check out my comic and follow the link in the notes:
The Duck needs to make money too so I’m not giving you a direct
link. You’re a good sport if you read me on the Duck, better if you hit the
link, and a real good kind of folk if you come back another day.
To see what I spend money on helping the homeless check out my
spending report:

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