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irrevenant at 7:40PM, April 24, 2013
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There are threads for submitting heroes and villains - but what's world-building without actual places! :)

To set the ball rolling I present the setting for Chaos's little corner of the HU: Aeon City and Fracture City.

Aeon City

Aeon City was explicitly envisioned and designed as a city of the future.  Its creator and benefactor chose a site near the edge of Frankston City for a number of reasons, including attractive land values and the area's extremely corporation-friendly laws.

Through a combination of planning and luck it attracted some of the world's finest visionary thinkers and, over the decades, grew from only a few blocks in size, to the size of a small city and is now a technological hub to rival Silicon Valley and New Rossco City (before the disaster) with two of the world's top-ranked universities and many of its most successful technology companies and scientists.  It is also largely corporatised (with a number of legal exemptions specific just to Aeon) and boasts its own powerful superhero team, the Aeon Guard.

Fracture City

Aeon City's growth has, in many ways, come at the expense of Frankston City (which wasn't doing that well to start with).  Most noticable is that Aeon has grown so much (and continues to grow) that it has physically expanded into Frankston - the Frankston government more than willing to take Aeon money in exchange just to keep (what's left of) the city running. Aeon has now displaced around half of Frankston and strict borders are maintained between the two cities.

Also, while Aeon employs many people, it is rarely the sort of work that the inhabitants of Frankston are not capable of - at least, not without education that they can't afford.  Similarly, many people are attracted to Aeon from afar only to find the city more challenging and expensive than they can survive. These burnouts often end up in Frankston.

When Aeon City first began to eat into Frankston, in some cases, breaking entire neighbourhoods apart, a media article coined the term ‘Fracture City’ to describe the phenomenon.  Over time the country and locals adopted this term until today the original name ‘Frankston’ is rarely heard, with even professional businesses adopting names like ‘Fracture Savings and Loan’.

EDIT: I did up a simple map for Fracture City since I needed to work some stuff out for plot purposes.
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Jules at 7:30PM, April 26, 2013
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Goldenspark City
An ominous city that's allegedly plagued by modern witches and demonic miscreants. Aside Shadow Fox's theatrics, the demonic sightings are fairly infrequent. Regardless, many of the cities citizens are told to remain alert and cautious. Due to the frightening nature of the city, tourists and skeptics are both widly welcomed and forewarned before entering the city. Many leave with frightening tales, yet the alleged demons rarely show up on-camera or video. Others never leave at all.
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LuchaCoffee at 8:44PM, May 4, 2013
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New Haven City: A city that is like a two sided mirror, reflecting both the light and dark sides of itself and those who inhabit it. New Haven was allegedly home to a supernatural gate that was as described by the early inhabitants as the “Mouth of the Deep Abyss” and then later described by the new European migrants as being “ The Mouth of Hell”. It is a city going through a phase of growth and subsequent pangs as darkness tries to rear its ugly head upon the masses that call it home. It is a city trying to forget its scars, but still they continue to bleed.
Royale City: A city of lights, glamor and total corruption that would make even the most sleazy of business men feel like a saint. Royale city is a metropolis filled to the brink with all sorts of legal and the illegal vices that its populace crave. It's like a flashy new car that simply painting over the gunshots and the smell of the dead that died in it. Royale city is a natural sin city and it loves itself for it.
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cdmalcolm1 at 5:49AM, July 15, 2014
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The town of Goldslaw. This is where the some of the worlds scientist and their families live. It is protected by a form of UN type military for protection. Some meta humans help guard this small against outside threats. It's location is close to Silicon Valley. This is where many great things in science comes from. Some are Fringe science and some are not.

Just a thought.

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