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Weekend Wilderness
Soda-Pop at 5:46AM, May 11, 2013
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Hey y'all!
Don't know about you but despite having been on the duck a few years now, I've never quite worked out why the weekend seems to be a neglegted space of non-posting and inactivity. Any suggestions and how might we remedy this? I for one still like a gander at my favourite home-brew stories during hangovers.
Ozoneocean at 9:58AM, May 11, 2013
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Homebrew strories during hangovers?
El Cid at 3:01PM, May 13, 2013
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It's just a vague guess, but I suspect a lot of people look at webcomics while they're at work, thus the heavy weekday traffic. That, or it's part of the workweek routine. Personally, I still drop by on the weekends, so I don't know. I just know that often when I post something on the weekend, it's like dropping it into a feedback black hole.
Ozoneocean at 7:59PM, May 13, 2013
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Saturday is the day I'm putting up Bottomless Waitress. ^_^
When the site works that is!
bravo1102 at 2:27AM, May 14, 2013
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I work weekends so fitting in time to access the site is problematic. I don't generally like comics that update on weekends because I don't get to read them until Monday. But that is my problem and no reflection on anyone who wants to update on weekends.

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