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Good Taste is starting up again!! Here are the characters.   
Miss Mary Knight 
Black hair/blue eyes.
Exciteable, sweet, and romantic, Mary looks at everything with a glass half-full kind of view. Her grades are not the greatest but she doesn't much care - there are more important things to do, like becoming a world famous rock star! She loves her sex therapist mother and architect father (who are in an open relationship), but despises her little brother. Best friends with Adrienne, and Four. Puts up with Spencer. 
Hilary “Four” Delaney
Red hair (dyed black)/blue eyes
Relaxed, chill, and whatever, Four is the cool guy in school who is the object of many girl's (and guys) affection, but he only really has eyes for Mary (and Wednesday? Hm).  The only child, of his pretty boring parents, Four is just a regular guy. He picked up drumming when he was eight years old, and probably annoyed quite a few neighbours getting to the skill point he is at now. Best friends with Spencer since kindergarden he never fails to be there for his friend, despite the fact that most people wonder why one of the more popular elite is friends with the most despised. He sits next to Jady in geography class. 
Spencer Cleery
Black hair/ ??? eyes
Greasy, dark, and obnoxious, Spencer is the guy in school voted most likely to be in the news one day, and is closely under watch by those who worry his anti-social behaviours will one day translate into violence. Spencer lives in the huge haunted house of a mansion with family unknown, a rich kid with too much money and time on his hands. He seems to have a past (or present?) relationship with Adrienne, and is best friends with Four - who is perhaps one of the only people who can stand him. He doesn't seem to like Mary much.  

Adrienne Jennings

Strawberry blonde hair/hazel eyes.
Been there, done that, Adrienne has seen it all - and hasn't been made the better for it. Bitter, scrappy, manipulative, Adrienne knows how to fight for what she wants and as she and her mother are not too well off she has to fight for a lot. Definitely the glass half empty to Mary's glass half full - but she doesn't hold that against her best friend. Adrienne is a bit surprised that Mary is her friend as she's always gotten along better with guys. Has some sort of relationship with Ainsley's ex and Spencer.

Jady and Ainsley Coil

Blonde hair/brown eyes and Variously dyed/brown eyes
Jady and Ainsley, the oldest daughters in a family of many, many daughters, are in many ways the complete opposite of one another. Jady is formal, cold, and strong as steel, where Ainsley is messy, warm, and a little fragile. Even though they are very different they still love and care for one another a great deal and get along well. They know how to communicate with one another and know what interests (fantasy novels, video games) to share that will bring them closer together. Jady sits next to Four in geography class and is on the newspaper staff along with Wednesday and Mercer. Ainsley goes to the local college.

Lane Delacroix and Kellan Wynn

White blond hair/brown eyes and brown hair/green eyes
Lane is a music prodigy - just about any instrument is within his abilities to pick up and play. A tall, quiet, troubled boy he doesn't talk a lot. Kellan is his older boyfriend who serves as Lane's interpreter to the world and acts as manager to the band Lane, Mary and Four are in. 

Mercer King
Hair dyed blue/brown eyes
Mercer is a ‘nice guy’, who may just be nice if he would lose a bit of a self-centred view on life. An orphan living with his grandmother he is Adrienne's neighbour in a run down apartment complex- but goes to the more expensive St. Claire's College using money left by his parents for his education. He might have a little crush on Adrienne. He is on the newspaper staff as a reporter and graphic artist, along with Wednesday and Jady.

Wednesday Fischer
Hair brown/brown eyes 
Sophisticated, fashionable, and driven Wednesday has huge dreams of being a fashion designer and/or reporter. Sometimes she puts too much pressure on herself to over-perform, and often will stay up all night studying. Always top of the class Wednesday is the student teachers point to as a good example. Part of one of the few black families in a very white neighbourhood Wednesday sometimes feels alienated and overanalysed, but often comes to the conclusion of fxxk 'em. She lost her mother when she was young to illness, and lives with her father and older brother. Editor of the school newspaper.
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