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KAM at 3:38AM, Aug. 3, 2013
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Did you pick up a print collection of The KAMics? What did you think?
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Hogan at 1:21PM, Aug. 10, 2013
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As commented on:
I must admit that I started on this book not really expecting much, and my first impression confirmed this hunch. The jokes are so heavily centered around the topic of Rockhounding (searching for minerals, rocks and fossils) that an outsider, like me, is left clueless in the dust. I've felt the same way with some of the original Rockhound jokes on the artists' site.
However, once I read along, more and more of the jokes made sense, and it dawned on me that reading Rockhounding Tales is like watching the X-Files series… you got to take them in larger doses to get them to hang together!
As I was drawn into the world of Rockhounding, the strips outlined the particular hobby with an array of puns and jokes, whereas the former more than once made me facepalm… laughing mind you, and as I started to understand the details of Rockhounding, I got more of the jokes and got way more out of the strips than I had anticipated! :)
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