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Hello From PB and J
PBandJ at 9:22AM, Aug. 13, 2013
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joined: 8-9-2013
Hi everyone. We've dropped to say hello and introduce ourselves to the Drunk Duck community.
PB and J is actually the pen name for the husband/wife team behind our first web comic, Voyage of the Broken Promise. A science fiction adventure series folowing a band of space pirates on their quest for vengeance against a corrupt Admiral.
The story is rated A because of erotic content. Our hope and goal is to make the erotic scenes a natural part of the story and not just an excuse for sex and nudity. You will have to let us know if we succeed.
This would not have been possible without the support and critiques of the members of the Corsairs Promise group on DeviantArt, and we owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.
Please check out our work and let us know what you think of it (so far).
PBandJ at 9:30AM, Nov. 10, 2013
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joined: 8-9-2013
We just found out that the Duck is back from re-hab! :)
In that case, so are we. The Voyage of the Broken Promise is our first project. A swashbuckling, star spanning epic adventure through an erotic and sometimes dangerous universe. Join the crew of the mysterious pirate ship, The Broken Promise, as they seek adventure, treasure and revenge in a galaxy where every being's hand is against them.
I hope you will take a moment and read the first issue and let us know what you think. We are always open to comments, critiques and suggestions.

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