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Writer looking for artist.
the2ndredbaron at 12:30AM, Nov. 18, 2013
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Hey look at that a writer who can't draw. It's something isn't it? I'll tell you what, having next to no drawing skills (and that is generous) it has been hard going trying to make a comic. My attempt at it Interim State had to be put on hatius as I had to let one artist go, then the other had to focus on more real life concerns. It is a rough draft and something I enjoyed doing and I'm more then happy to take a second crack at it. But I have other ideas as well. 
Mostly I want to try some sort of genre story. I'm open to what it is, depending on if an artist wants to work with me and their style. I'm thinking Sci-fi (although the idea I have in mind is set mostly in the present day), horror, martial arts (this one would more then likely be set in either a fantasy world or be something with a historial bent), or if anyone is up for a sport comic.
I can't pay right now, money is tight and I looking for work myself. I know that cuts down the crowd of artist quite a bit, and I know most of you all are worth paying. But hey maybe this turns into something and we become famous? Who knows! Contact me on here and lets talk details if you are interested! Thank you for your time. 

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