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VILLAIN: Chi Master
HedonisticActor at 9:28AM, Oct. 23, 2012
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Hi, I'm new on this site, I joined about two days ago. I like Heroes Alliance's community collaboration aspect and therefore I'd like to submit a villain that was meant to be part of a superhero comic series I wrote and draw over five years ago but which I never finished. The character is remodeled to fit into HA/HU Universe so be free to use him in any story you like.
Chi Master
Real Name: Wong Huang
Age: 91
Nationality: Chinese
Background: Wong Huang was raised by a humble pair of farmers in the rurals of Northern China where he was discovered by monks belonging to an order of a now forgotten god and they sensed great inner force in him. He was taken to their temple where he learned their technique of force strike that pushes people like an invisible fist. Wong used to be a rather mellow person but after experiencing the horrors of World War II he adapted more cynical and nihilistic point of view in life and left the monk order. In the 1950's with his three children and second wife he formed a triad that adapted mafia's family-centric power structure and started to call himself Chi Master to make him better known. Today Wong Huang's triad is one of the most powerful - if not the most powerful - triads in China.
Motives and Goals: To commit crimes as long as he lives and make China's government fall down. While his motives for this can be partially described as “trolling” he's also had a long lasting crudge against the communistic government and its tight control over many areas of life. He'd rather see anarchy reign than let them be in power ever again.
Powers: Including to the strike force mentioned earlier and natural physical fitness he also has the power to shoot paralyzing beam out of his eyes that he received about 15 years ago after making a deal with a powerful evil entity (The Darkness/Thrawn/Lord Alpha/some other more suitable demon/evil god). The beam paralyzes the area it hits for about an hour (strikes to chest or head may be fatal). The eye power can be used for 2-3 hours until it needs to be recharged for the same amount of time. The power also causes his eyes to glow hauntingly.
Weakness: Deals with evil entities don't come without a price: whenever Chi Master's eye power isn't active he's completely blind.
Personality: He often makes fun about situations that are not funny and can be downright mean-spirited towards his enemies even when they're down. However he geniunely cares about his family members (with four wives he'd had 15 children, 29 grandchildren and at least 40 great-grandchildren) and even those of his descendants who have turned against him Chi Master treats with a bit more respect than his other enemies.
Edit 11/26/2012: Originally I didn't add any concept art for this because I'm not that good of a drawer but then I thought “why not?” so here's Chi Master with updated desing.
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cdmalcolm1 at 3:48PM, March 29, 2015
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I think I have a new villain I can play with. However, this story might come up after the Zodica era I have planned for SolarCell's line. I'll think of something…maybe another villain team up. Any suggestions anyone?

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