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HERO: Wireless
Macattack at 6:17PM, Nov. 9, 2010
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Hey guys. I'd totally love to work with you guys on these comics some day. I've totally loved HU and HA. Sadly life's too busy lately to get TOO involved at the moment but I would like to submit my character Wireless if you ever send any missions to Canada.

Basic Description:
Wireless is a boy named Kyle who's 18. Gained super powers through supercharged wireless devices and a supercharged microwave in a freak accident. Powers include super speed, psychokinesis, shocking power, and the ability to hack into wireless devices with his mind (even youtube which is pretty downright fun :D) Weaknesses are mainly his lack of knowledge of how to use his powers and also the fact that he has no real physical strength. He mainly fights for what's right though he's a bit clumsy at it (Canada's not really known for superheroes… minus one) and he has a bit of a vendetta against people who use their wealth or influence to be “above the law”

Anyways, I'd be totally honoured if you guys ever used him and his comic can be found at http://www.drunkduck.com/Wireless/ . It hasn't been updating very frequently as I accidently lost the entire first chapter (don't ask me how) but I'm trying to recover it as best I can. Anyways, tell me what you guys think =)
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Abt_Nihil at 4:07AM, Nov. 10, 2010
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Sounds like a fun character! I'll put him on the list and take a look at your comic.
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cdmalcolm1 at 8:07AM, May 25, 2015
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Here is wireless. I like the fact that he has a hologram to change his superhero look at any time if he need it. I'm totally taking advantage of that and apply a few changes with some updates. I do hope you like.

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