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Halloween Cameo Caper 2014
Hogan at 1:57PM, June 3, 2014
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It’s time for the annual Halloween Cameo Caper, coming to a webcomic near you since 2006!

But first, to take the uproar of questions in advance… what IS the Halloween Cameo Caper?

The Halloween Cameo Caper is an open community project centered around the event of Halloween, a project where you, as an artist, can take part by submitting your characters and get to feature them with all the other participating characters in a chosen setting where they'll all, on the day of Halloween, have a great party together, a party that will spread all through the participating comics!
That was the basic concept for the Caper at least, that each artist will draw a strip, featuring his/hers characters, as well as many of the other artists' characters (or at least characters from as many other strips) as possible! The strip will then be posted online (at the artist’s site preferred) at the day of Halloween, either as a filler-strip, canon-strip or something more exclusive, some might just settle for a forum-posted drawing as long as it comes online!
However, for inventive artists, the occasion have over the years turned into much more, with the occasion turning into minor or even major canon plotlines, and for many of the participants it’s has ended up with a collective crossover between a whole set of comics in a joined storyline leading up to the day of Halloween…. and months beyond sometimes :D

The possibilities are endless, it’s all just about how much you are ready to go for!

Each year, as the stories proceeds, leading up to Halloween, the site for the Caper ( ) will update with links to all the participating comics, and when Halloween of the year is history, the will still celebrate and immortalize the event for the entire world by linking and keeping the strips that may disappear from their original sites over the passage of time.
All in all the essence of it all is for everybody, artist and readers alike, to have fun! To try ones skill at drawing others characters and to see them interact!

… besides that, it's also a great way to promote one’s own comic! ;-)

As interactions between artists and their characters are something most people never get tired of, so we'll like to promote this great cameo-opportunity by inviting all webcomic-artists and their characters to take part in this the annual Halloween Cameo Caper!
A fair number of Drunk Duck artists have participated over the years, and many of them have come back year after year, returning around Halloween to pick up the fun once more!

As with the previous years, the central stomping ground for the Caper is the Dragonboard Forum ( ), that’s where the participants sign up, come together and make their plans.

However, this year there’s also the IRC-channel of #webcomics at (reachable through an IRC-host or: ) where we try to get webcomic artists and enthusiast to hang around at a neutral place to talk webcomic, art and life in general

Hope to see you either place!
At this point it’s all about choosing the setting of this year’s Caper, and the runners up are:

In a Pyramid / Ancient Egypt
Under the Sea/ R'lyeh
The Northpole / Antarctic
Lavender Town
Abandoned Summer Camp
The Net
Tropical Island

You don’t have to sign up for anything just yet (though you are welcome if you feel up or the challenge no matter what setting it will be, in that case, just follow the instructions on the site…), but feel free to sign up and go and cast your vote for the setting, no matter if you contemplate or not, the more who show their opinions, the better!

Oh, and this is where its getting tricky… over the last couple of years it has been necessary to disable the “sign up” option on the Dragonboard due to an uncontrolled influx of spam and a demand from the host. This means that you, in order to get a profile, needs to contact yours sincerely either through PM or mail, whom will then set you up with an account.

While you DO need an account to participate, we do understand that not everyone feels like signing up just for casting a vote, so therefore votes which are cast in posts responding to this very thread will also be counted when we tally them up the last day of June!

Once the votes are accounted for and the setting chose, it will be time to sign up and start planning in earnest, and we hope to see as many different people from all over the net gather to make this, yet another, eventful happening!

This thread will be updated as we proceed!

Until then, go take a look at the Capers which preceeded this one… there’s a lot to go through!
- Hogan

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Hogan at 4:30AM, July 5, 2014
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Allright, the deadline has been reached and breached and the final results, collected from all the voting-places around the net are as follows:

Comic Convention: 2 votes
Oz: 2 votes
Ponyland: 1 vote
Tropical Island: 6 votes

So… get your trunks and bikikis guys and gals, because we are heading off to a varm inviting tropical island for this year's Halloween! :-)

Setting will be coming soon!
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Hogan at 12:58PM, Aug. 10, 2014
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And now, finally… the invitation to this year's Halloween Cameo Caper!
Suddenly and silent the fog appears, rolling in from the sea, appearing from the lake, coming out of the bathtub… it covers the immediate area and when it just as suddenly disappears again, a sealed envelope lies in front of your characters.
Opening the envelope reveals a letter that goes like this…

(to the tune of Gilligan's Island ( off course…)

Just open up your letter now
An invite awaits you there
It’s all about bringing you
To this lovely Island

The island is a tropic one
The beaches long and bright
The jungles cover most of it
In a thicket lush and green
In a thicket lush and green

Follow up the river run
It ends at our resort
It’s here you’ll all be living fine
Here on Kokotomo
Here on Fantasy Island

Welcoming you here I will be, Mr. Montibar
With Shalingalal
My trusty mate
In general we will provide
An adventure
It will fulfill your dreams
Here on Fantasy Island

So this will be what you have been dreaming of
Get off the plane and join us here
You’ll soon find out what dreams you have
May not be what thought!

Everything can happen here
It’s just what you wish
You’ll just never know
When it takes a twist

Natives, mysteries, mayhem
Luxuries of your dreams
You have it all you know
As Montibar sees fit!

So join us here in your fantasy
You’ll sure to learn a lot
You’ll never be the same again
Leaving Fantasy Island

If you want to know more about the Halloween Cameo Caper 2014 before you sign up, go visit the Caper's Forum: where you can also sign up and read about the invitation here:
If you want to know more about the Setting of Kokotomo, go here:
And, even if you know you cannot participate in the Caper yourself, but have characters you wouldn't mind seeing show up in any of comics and plots making up the Caper, DO sign your characters up here: … alternately in a comment to this post, then I'll carry them over to the Forum Thread :-)
Hope to see you at the Caper! :cheers:
- Hogan
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Hogan at 2:29PM, Aug. 27, 2014
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4 days left to sign up for the Caper! :-)
Already we have quite a varied attendance this year, but there's always room for one more  8)
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… or when you just want your Webcomics Offline!
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