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HERO: Solarcell
cdmalcolm1 at 10:08PM, May 27, 2014
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Hero: Ok. I finally finished my heroin I want to submit to HA/ or the HA universe.
any one from the HA universe can use her for their story. Please let me know when you use her.

Her hero name is Solarcell. Giving name: Ina. She is a woman that appears In her early 20s but she is over 2,000 years of age… She is a plus size women but it has to do with her powers or rather it how she gains her powers. She is one of the daughters of gluttony. Indulge is her faction.

Powers: How her powers work. She does not have to eat anything because she is a Demi god from my universe. Her body absorbs light. The more she absorbs light she becomes bigger. Not in height but gains weight. For her to lose the weight she must purge the energy. She does it by touch, or projection of energy from any part of her body. She can fully control the release of energy at any size. From my universe, she was a bad guy or evil. during the transition to the HA universe, she becames good. I will explain that part during the story. I know this all sound silly, but I won't make her as a wishy-washy of a hero.

The story: In my universe, she was in an intense battle with her sworn enemy, Dark Beauty. They were distroying everything around them as they fight each other. A hero, was called in to vanish the two fighters so he created a multi universe vortex and had them forced into it. He did not know where it would send them. Just so they would stop distroying their planet and many cities.

As they asend towards HA universe, their personality Mirrowed. As they fell, they hit the earth just outside a small town. The impact was felt and heard by the towns people. Still smoking, both bodies were knocked out. As news traveled, word got back to a HU member. Tazer went to check it out before the US armed forces got to the seen. That's when he discovered that there were two women laying unconscious among the heated area. He called Bombshell and told her about his findings.

Dark Beauty woke up, looked over towards Tazer and slowly picked herself up. He got to her to find out if she is ok. She never answered but shoved him away hard towards the trees. She then took off running at high speed. By time Tazer got back to his feet, Dark Beauty was gone. He cautiously walked towards SolarCell. She begins to waken. Tazer asked her to stay put. She, simply asked for help. Still cautious, Tazer asked if she was ok.

She tried to stand up but feel again. He helps her to her feet and asked her what happened. Still confused by the moment, she try to explain to Tazer. He asked bombshell for her assistance. Bombshell send one of the auxiliary member of HA to assist Tazer. They got her back to HA/ Host substation.

That's how she got to the HA universe.
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cdmalcolm1 at 2:22PM, Dec. 10, 2014
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I have since changed some of the plot. Tazer is being replaced by wireless. The plot where Solarcell and dark beauty enter the HA universe now takes place in Canada close to where wireless lives. All other actions will remain the same.

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