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Dinnersaurus Rex
bemirry at 7:24PM, June 25, 2014
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Hi, I'm Emily and I've recently started a comic series called “Dinnersaurus Rex,” based on an animation I worked on years ago in school:
Now I'm having the dinosaurs brought to life in the form of graphic novels.
No dialogue, but cute dinosaurs.The first full story is called “Breakfast for Dinner,” and “Dinnersaurus Rex” is about a family of 3 dinosaurs just being themselves; Mamasaurus is a single mother of two, Sweetie Dino is relentlessly sweet but often naive, and his brother, Baby Dino (named after Baby Sinclair from “Dinosaurs”), acts almost solely on his primal impulses.This page thus far is my favorite:

I've thumbnailed out a total of 30 pages for this first story, so I am nearly halfway finished. I finish at least one page each week.
I hope you enjoy my work :)
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