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Comic Rocket working with "TheDuckWebcomics"??
json at 10:17AM, March 26, 2015
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i've noticed some wesite called comic rocket has imbedded links to my comic here on theduck.  it gives no artist credits and when i've tried contacting their admins on numerous occasions, my emails go unanswered, and i suspect, unread.  lots of other comics from theDuck are “featured” on that web site as well.
 Does theDuck have some kind of partnership with this website?  I've used DrunkDuck as my hosting going back to like 2003 or sometime, and i'm cool with our site (irregardless to how it's transformed over the years) gaining ad revenue from page views of my art.  HOWEVER, some random fly by night site hosting my work that i hadn't gave permission to, kinda ruffles my feathers.
KimLuster at 10:41AM, March 26, 2015
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Yeah, I've done Google Seaches on my Webcomic which is only hosted here on DD, but I've gotten ‘hits’ back to Comet Rocket for my comic on those Searches - didn't really bother me but is eyebrow-raising…
HippieVan at 12:49PM, March 26, 2015
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DD and Comic Rocket don't have a partnership, but one of their guys did help us out quite a bit in fixing the site at one point iirc.
I'm not too familiar with it, but as far as I can gather Comic Rocket doesn't “host” the comics as such, it just links to them. I think it's meant to be a tool for people who read a lot of comics from various places on the internet to be able to access them from one area.
I just had a look at my own comic on there, and it looks exactly the same as it does here, with all the ads in place and everything.
Here's their about page:
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kawaiidaigakusei at 3:37PM, March 26, 2015
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HippieVan is correct. Back in 2013, one of the Co-Founders at Comic Rocket helped bring the Drunk Duck site up and running. We have them to thank in part that we still have a working site today.

With that being said, Comic Rocket does a similar job as thewebcomiclist where they link back to drunkduck/theduckwebcomics and help get more traffic to your comic. I believe you can claim to be the creator of your own comic and customize your comic profile.


If you are still concerned that your intellectual property rights are being violated, I can guarantee that we can contact a point person at Comic Rocket to get your comic removed from their site. Please PQ me, HippieVan, or ozoneocean if you still have any concerns.
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ozoneocean at 8:02PM, March 26, 2015
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Yeah, The guy at Comic Rocket heped get us back online again and so we gave him some access to our code, the same way he has for Comic Fury.
 None of our art is hosted on Comic Rocket. -As Kawaii and Hippie have said already, it just links to our stuff. What it does is help advertise and draw in visitors to our comics.
Bleive me, I'd be megga pissed off if a site was hosting my comic without permission, but that's not being done here. It's more like a news site or a search engine: It uses access to our code to make links to us and show when your latest update was.
KimLuster at 4:23AM, March 27, 2015
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Sounds like a win/win!
json at 10:47AM, March 30, 2015
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thanks for the info, everyone.  i was a bit concerned, but it makes sense now.  I wasn't aware the cats at Comic Rocket helped get the site back up on its feet.  that was during my absence from drunk duck.
my fear was some random site pulling our source code from here (or other sites), but good to know it was an exchange deal worked out for their services.
fallopiancrusader at 12:46PM, April 10, 2015
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I found Drunk Duck through a link on Comic Rocket
toondoctor at 5:01AM, June 1, 2015
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Comic Rocket is a great service for Web cartoonists. They really don't ask anything in return, although they do have advertising programs. It's the closest (with the Webcomiclist) that we have to an onlne database of all Web comics available in the world. I like them and they do have great tech and skills.
They seem over-worked but once they approve one of the comics that you claim, you can upload banners, images and update your comics, profile. Win/Win for all of us.

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