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The Golden Binding, and a 'triumphant' return!
MagickLorelai at 10:21PM, April 2, 2015
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Hi! Most of you probably aren't going to know me. I wasn't particularly well-known even when I was active here years ago, though I still look back on my membership fondly. But the last few years, I put my comics on hiatus to work on my Let's Play videos (a whole other story in itself). I was frustrated with what I was putting out, and I didn't feel like I was growing very much where I was.
Years later, I got bit by the comic bug again, and have started up The Golden Binding; a slice-of-life sort of comic with slightly out of the ordinary circumstances, involving a wealthy young man, a determined young woman, and a dying bookstore. This actually started as a video series, but has transitioned into being a comic.
I really hope to find my groove again, and to be a part of this community. :D

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