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The reason why The Hulk's movies are less successful than the other Marvel heroes.
meemjar at 3:04AM, April 24, 2015
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The reason is simple why the Hulk’s solo films have been less successful than the other Marvel heroes yet he stole the show in the Avengers is because with all due respect to him he’s really a
One-trick pony.
Meaning that all the other heroes have to do is point him in the right direction, say ‘Smash’ and cut him loose.
But while that worked in ‘The Avengers’ it doesn’t let him hold a whole movie by himself.
Dr. Banner is indeed a complex character, but his alter ego is just a Tank.
I think to make a franchise of Hulk movies work is to have other colorful protagonists support the movie with him and interact with him as Bruce Banner while the Hulk is reserved as the Deus aux Machina for them to either fight with or against.
Such candidates would be: Rick Jones, Doc Samson, Jennifer ‘She-Hulk’ Walters, etc.
What do the rest of you think?
His movies would be a great way of introducing other Marvel heroes and giving them their moment in the spotlight.
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Genejoke at 2:59AM, April 25, 2015
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I partially disagree, Hulk can be a fascinating character, if handled correctly.  Hulk was almost on the right track but it was too dour.  but Marvel studios incredible Hulk wasn't too bad…  the problem is it was trying to re establish the character and the script didn't quite find the right balance.  Also bare in mind it was one of marvel studios first films.
A decent supporting cast would go a long way to help as Hulk can sometimes be a stupid beast, other times be intelligent like banner.  It is the changes and internal conflict that make him interesting, but to convey that on film can be difficult.  
my hope is they will do a hulk movie that explores hulk/banners psyche and end with an attempt to seperate banner and hulk but merges them and leads to a sequel with hulks exile into space in time for planet hulk. intergalactic gladiator stuff, then a big ol' return to earth with an army for world war hulk, which would probably be an avengers film.  probably wishful thinking though.
HippieVan at 9:06AM, April 25, 2015
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I think the Hulk has a bit of the same issue that Superman had pre-kryptonite, which is that he's just TOO powerful. Coupled with the fact that his powers just aren't very unique or exciting, I think that makes it really hard to write exciting fight scenes and interesting villains for the Hulk. imo he does best coupled with other heroes who use dexterity and intelligence rather than just brute strength to win their fights - I liked him as a member of the Defenders.
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Banes at 6:20PM, April 25, 2015
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I've always loved the Hulk and he certainly worked in the Avengers movie and the Defenders comics.

He's not necessarily a one-trick pony, but I think having other characters for him to play off of really helps (especially in his Hulk form!). But that's not because the Hulk is boring; it's because he's a MONSTER!

The Hulk is a Jekyll and Hyde story, as well as being a superhero tale. We need a protagonist or co-protagonist to WORRY about (and relate to) when Banner goes green. That's why Rick Jones was such an important character when the comic was first created (why didn't they stick with that origin story in the movie? It's GREAT!). We could worry about Rick when Banner changed. Rick's in as much danger as anyone else with that beast around.

The Hulk can't just Hulk out and punish bullies or bad guys. Kudos to the Avengers movie for unravelling this and making the character work so well, both in his “horror movie” incarnation, in that scene with the Black Widow, and in the end when he becomes a Hero.

Even the “ultimate power” aspect of the big guy was used to great effect in that movie. If that power can be harnessed and directed properly, it can save the damn world!

Okay…I gotta go watch that “I'm always angry” scene again right now! XD

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meemjar at 1:25AM, April 26, 2015
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That's what they should have been doing.
 They gave Banner character development and he was the resourceful thinking man in the TV shows both live-action and animated, but the Hulk had usually a single strategy; ‘Bash it til’ it breaks.'
 That's OK for a few laughs but it gets thin.
 The Hulk should be treated like the Frankenstein's monster as STAN LEE envisioned; a huge child that doesn't know his own strength sometimes.
 The moment when he went ‘Bamm-Bamm Rubble’ on Loki is proof of that. 
 Mark Ruffalo had it pegged, but he still had a great cast around him to bounce off of both intellectually and physically.
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KimLuster at 6:39AM, April 26, 2015
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I like Hulk the same reason I like Godzilla movies!  Godzilla isn't complicated - he's a giant engine of destruction that fights off even worse things.  He defends humans and earth (often just incidentally) but massive collateral damage is a given!!  And we largly watch because of the spectacle!  Violent, unthinking forces of nature unleashed
Hulk is similar.  The military always tries to fight him, but in the end Hulk ends up defeating an even worse threat (in a brutal straightforward way), and we're ironically glad he's around to do it!  The Jeckll/Hyde aspect just adds to it!
Banes at 5:49PM, April 27, 2015
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Hah! I like the comparison to Godzilla! Definitely part of the Hulk puzzle! It still requires ‘people we care about’ in order to work…in TV/movies at least.

Not sure why the comic often gets away with their protagonist being so destructive! Of course, Hulkie wasn't a top-tier character in comics for a lotta years.

Genejoke mentioned the psychological factor - At one point there were several Hulks in Banner's history. The Grey Hulk (a return to the very earliest comics) was big, brutish, kind of mean, but he could talk and thought of Banner as a different person. VERY Jekyll n' Hyde). Then there was the “Hulk Smash” brute. More powerful, dumber, and got stronger as he got angrier. Then there was Banner's personality in Hulk's body for awhile…eventually he lost control and slipped back to powerful n' angry. There was a comic story where all these characters met inside Banner's psyche and had therapy with Doc Samson.

Er…it worked in the comic.

For a time there was a “fully integrated” Hulk who was brilliant, confident, a bit snarky, and a bit arrogant. These were amazing comics (that drew me back in to the character, and comics in general for awhile). Written by Peter David and drawn by Gary Frank, I think these issues lifted the Hulk from the D List up to the top. The magic only lasted about a dozen issues I think. Maybe less. Great times, though. Hilarious, exciting, captivating stuff.

I don't know how a movie would explore Banner's multiple personality disorder (or his horrific childhood) in a satisfying way, but there are a lot of exciting psychological ideas at work in this character…

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