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October 31, 2015 FASHION! @ The Duck! Newsletter #1
VinoMas at 4:50PM, Oct. 31, 2015
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Hello Duck Artists:
First of all…THANKS for getting #Pageant nominated for best community project.  That was such an awesome surprise.  Congrats to Heroes Alliance for the Win!
Also, Happy Halloween!  There is quite a lot going on today.
First of all, last June we started #Pageant 2015, our newest version of an art webcomic fashion and personality contest.  For three months artists worked on categories and posted.  Then for three months I have posted pages little by little for all of you vote and judge.
And now today is our last day.  The final category Evening Gown will post all together and again, judging will begin.  Tomorrow, (or the next time I have time), I will count up the judge's scores and the likes from Facebook's Drunk Duck Group.  You can go over there to vote too!Then stay tuned for a HALLOWEEN FASHION SHOW at Drunk Duck @ FB or check out the forum here to see the costumes.
Finally, tomorrow is November 1st and our theme is called GIVING THANKS!This theme is your opportunity to thank those that inspire you by doing some cosplay.  That's right, we will be submitting our versions of our favorite Drunk Duck characters? Confused? - Do FAN ART!

Okay get going and have fun!
VinoMas at 11:32PM, Nov. 2, 2015
posts: 319
joined: 1-6-2006
Please consider voting in our Drunk Duck Fashion Forum Community Contest : #Pageant 2015.  I will be tabulating scores this weekend!There is very low voting turnout right now and evening gowns has none.  I know you can't vote for your own art but would love you to support our other voting gives artists zero points.  But just a score of 1 already gives art 10 points.  Or if you think it deserves more, go 2=25, 3=50, or 4=100.Thanks for your support!  Lots more to come!

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