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Lend me your voices!
Stellar at 10:47AM, Jan. 8, 2016
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How's your day going? Mine's pretty good, thanks for taking a few moments to read this =D
The one year anniversary of my Patreon campaign is coming up in a couple months! I'm super excited, and one of the things I'm planning is redoing the video under the “Why Stellar is on Patreon” section.
This is where you, my favorite webcomic community come in! If you can record yourself, I want you to read some of the lines from my comics over the past year! Do it in character, I want to believe what I hear!
The lines I'd most like to see (but don't expect all of them) are:
From Ink;
Zero Four, Terry “You scratch the surface of my moms crazy, doll. S'no way I can leave her… ‘Sides, maybe living alone is what’s turning you into a psycho.”
Zero Nine Terry consoling and hypnotizing the Inkling.
Zero Sixteen, Terry “We don't ask questions, boo. Legion is a group thing like that. Be proud that you were chosen.”
From Desolate Love;
Rae's intro from the first few pages.
Page 14, Dr. Newton “It's nice to see you angsty teenagers have grown in the four and a half years since the… Incident happened.”
Page 15, Dr. Newton “I was revolutionizing the WORLD! But-hmmF-But Death itself came and took Suzanna from me.”
Page 19, Dr. Newton “Sorry, Suzie. This corpse isn't your ‘girlfriend’ with you gone.” SueBrain “Dad! Noo!”
From GATE;
The important thing from gate I'd like is a British accent for Troy, and an Irish accent for Amabel. Or your best versions of said accents (=
Five, Troy's lines.
Eleven, the whole page?
Future dialogue, Troy “Bloody h-.. Wheh.. Did you-”
Amabel “You shouldn't be surprised that you got shocked!”
Troy “Amabel, you don't get it.” “Mab, listen!” “It told me that-”
Amabel “TROY!”
Writing all of that out feels like a tall order, but that's maybe two minutes worth of dialogue? If you want to voice lines from scenes that you really enjoyed that I didn't list, feel free to send them to me! Get your friends involved! Have some wine or a beer to loosen yourself up! Have fun with it (but make sure you're in character ^-^)! I really want to include others (and thank you propperly by plugging your work)!
Email your voice files over to and mark Monday February 15th as the hard cutoff (= I need a couple weeks to splice everything together to get the video up in time.
Genejoke at 2:49AM, Jan. 10, 2016
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Sue, I'll send some next week.
Stellar at 3:46PM, Jan. 10, 2016
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=D I look forward to it, Gene!

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