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The Halloween Cameo Capers
Hogan at 2:16PM, July 3, 2016
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Instead of making a new thread each year for this event, I decided this time to make one which will Work for all future aspects of this annuarly event… it doesn't change that much after all :)

But first, in case somebody asks the question,, what IS the Halloween Cameo Caper?

The Halloween Cameo Caper is an open community project centered around the event of Halloween, a project where you, as an artist, can take part by submitting your characters and get to feature them with all the other participating characters in a chosen setting where they'll all, on the day of Halloween, have a great party together, a party that will spread all through the participating comics!

That was the beginning basic concept for the Caper at least; that each artist will draw a strip, featuring his/hers characters, as well as many of the other artists' characters (or at least characters from as many other strips) as possible! The strip will then be posted online (at the artist’s site preferred) at the day of Halloween, either as a filler-strip, canon-strip or something more exclusive, some might just settle for a forum-posted drawing as long as it comes online!
However, for inventive artists, the occasion have over the years turned into much more, with the occasion turning into minor or even major canon plotlines, and for many of the participants it’s has ended up with a collective crossover between a whole set of comics in a joined storyline leading up to the day of Halloween…. and months beyond sometimes :D

The possibilities are endless, it’s all just about how much you are ready to go for!

Each year, as the stories proceeds, leading up to Halloween, the site for that year's Caper will update (hopefully daily) with links to all the participating comics, and when Halloween of the year is history, the site will still celebrate and immortalize the event for the entire world by linking and keeping the strips that may disappear from their original sites over the passage of time.

All in all the essence of it all is for everybody, artist and readers alike, to have fun! To try ones skill at drawing others characters and to see them interact!

… besides that, it's also a great way to promote one’s own comic! ;-)

As interactions between artists and their characters are something most people never get tired of, so we'll like to promote this great cameo-opportunity by inviting all webcomic-artists and their characters to take part in this the annual Halloween Cameo Caper!

A fair number of Drunk Duck artists have participated over the years, and many of them have come back year after year, returning around Halloween to pick up the fun once more!

As with the previous years, the central stomping ground for the Caper is the Dragonboard Forum, that’s where each Caper will get its own subforum where the participants sign up, come together and make their plans.

Hope to see you there!

Before anyone starts any plans, its time to decided WHERE to host the Caper of the year!

You don’t have to sign up for anything just yet (though you are welcome if you feel up or the challenge no matter what setting it will be, in that case, just follow the instructions on the site…), but feel free to sign up and go and cast your vote for the setting, no matter if you contemplate or not, the more who show their opinions, the better!

Oh, and this is where its getting tricky… over the last couple of years it has been necessary to disable the “sign up” option on the Dragonboard due to an uncontrolled influx of spam and a demand from the host. This means that you, in order to get a profile, needs to contact yours sincerely either through PM or mail, whom will then set you up with an account.

While you DO need an account to participate, we do understand that not everyone feels like signing up just for casting a vote, so therefore votes which are cast in posts responding to this very thread will also be counted when we tally them up the last day of June!

Once the votes are accounted for and the setting chose, it will be time to sign up and start planning in earnest, and we hope to see as many different people from all over the net gather to make this, yet another, eventful happening!

Until then, go take a look at the Capers which preceeded this one… there’s a lot to go through!

Halloween Cameo Caper 2006
Halloween Cameo Caper 2007
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Halloween Cameo Caper 2010
Halloween Cameo Caper 2011
Halloween Cameo Caper 2012
Halloween Cameo Caper 2013
Halloween Cameo Caper 2014
Halloween Cameo Caper 2015

- Hogan
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Hogan at 2:21PM, July 3, 2016
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At the time of writing we are currently voting for the setting of the 2016 Caper, and here are the 10 available options:

Ancient China
Comic Convention
Earth's Core
Monster Island
The Northpole / Antarctic
In a Pyramid / Ancient Egypt
Under the Sea/ R'lyeh

If you want to catch you vote, go to the forum of this year's Caper and give your vote in the setting thread, no matter if you intend to participate or not! :)

Alternately, if you don't feel like signing up to the forum just to vote, you can leave your vote in this thread here at DD and it will be summarized on the Caper's forum when the deadline has been met.

The deadline has currently been extended to the 16th of July 2016, so there's still time to get your vote in! :)

- Hogan
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Hogan at 2:14PM, Aug. 29, 2016
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Aaaand the setting has been chosen and, it being a tie this year, it means that the Halloween Cameo Caper 2016 will take place in the unique Shelterville / Oz - hybrid setting!

… to put it short… the Emerald City has disappeared, and in its place can be found the originally rural Wild West, now Interdimensional, town of Shelterville!

The place can best, or trying to, be described here.

To this place the Yellow Brick Road leads… and now its time to sign up if you wanna go there!

The invitation to the whole adventure can be found here, and the party is open to each and every artist who have original characters of his or hers and would like to bring them to the event and have them interact with characters from the minds and pencils of other artists!

So, if you would like to participate in the Halloween Cameo Caper 2016, go to the Dragonboard Forum (requires creating an account) and create a thread in this forum where you showcase the characters of yours who you'll like to send in the Caper.

If you dont want to sign up for this, contact me through PM and we'll find something out.

If you would like to see what goes for the “rules” of the CameoCaper, go here, and if you would like to see what the previous Capers have been about, do take a look at the latest one as well as the previous ones linked there.

Also, if you dont want to direcly participate in the Caper but wouldn't mind your characters to make a background appearence if the other participants needs some extra character, you can sign them up here.

Deadline for signing up is 25th of September… hope to see your characters at the Caper!

- Hogan
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… or when you just want your Webcomics Offline!
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