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Darklings - Action, humor, and a little horror!
Darklings at 9:57PM, July 8, 2016
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Proudly publishing since 2013, Darklings is a horror web comic drawn by Leiko and written by me, which follows a group of more-than-human champions as they keep tabs on the creatures of the darkness, making sure they don’t run amok and taking care of those who do.

The comic draws inspiration from many different sources, including multiple books, movies, and tv shows like Dracula, Men in Black, Supernatural, The X-Files,Constantine (Hellblazer), and various mythologies and religions.

We are currently in our 4th issue and would like to invite you to join us on this wonderful rollercoaster ride!

Start at Issue 1 here.

Issue 2 here.

Issue 3 here.

Issue 4 here.

…or join us on our current page here.
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