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NeonNite at 7:00AM, Aug. 7, 2016
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Hi everyone. I'm Neon Nite. So I've been on here for a while but didn't post my comic for a bit, just reading others. I just posted my webcomic yesterday, and the best part, it's 13 pages long like I've always wanted to do. I finished my first comic book!

Very happy to share it as I have been struggling with reaching 13 pages for so long. Anyway, I've been webcomic making for a while, then life had to be done, (Work, Moving to a city, Graduation), so I had to break for a bit, but I learned a lot during my break.

About my webcomic, it's minimalism style inspired by comics like Alias (Jessica Jones), and it's set in the 1980s, like my original webcomic with the same name was. It's mostly dedicated to pop culture of the 80s and what I grew up with.

Here's the link.
Tomervision #1

Well that's my spiel. So, I hope to collab/cameo with some of you guys. I've seen a few comics crossover here and it's pretty awesome.
Genejoke at 12:50AM, Aug. 8, 2016
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Welcome, i look forward to seeing more.

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