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Are hits unique?
irrevenant at 11:15PM, Aug. 7, 2016
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joined: 1-13-2007
Are hits unique? Do they exclude the owner?

The 60 hits on my comic are just me compulsively refreshing to look for comments, right?
KimLuster at 6:40AM, Aug. 8, 2016
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joined: 5-15-2012
I thought I saw mention that it's unique hits… Confirm! someone…!! If it's NOT unique hits then I'll keep refreshing my page forever so as to fool myself into thinking thousands are enjoying my comic :D
ozoneocean at 7:20PM, Aug. 10, 2016
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joined: 1-2-2004
No, it's just hits.
We only record uniques for 5 days and then delete them, they're only used for determining rank, and only used by the system.

We do that to save server time, CPU cycles, and storage . :)
KimLuster at 5:10AM, Aug. 11, 2016
posts: 795
joined: 5-15-2012
That makes sense, I think… So if I click in my own page, it only counts as one hit for 5 days…? I guess I thought it was unique hits per day (to reflect your stats daily hit-graph…
usedbooks at 6:24AM, Aug. 11, 2016
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joined: 2-24-2007
The stats graph are all the hits. So if you read back through ten pages, you get ten hits.

Only the site comic rankings (when you browse comics) use unique hit/visit stats.
KimLuster at 8:32AM, Aug. 11, 2016
posts: 795
joined: 5-15-2012
Ahhh thanks UB!

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