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VinoMas at 2:12AM, Aug. 10, 2016
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Thanks to all of you who continued the fashions during the Time Warp. Now you can show us your hottest summer fashions that you have been wearing all the time.

A FAQ? No, but there are plenty of forum threads to education yourself with?

Whatever happened to #Pageant 2015?
Oh….well that's being explained right now in the webcomic/community project Pageant! Go look to find out what's coming!

Will there be a #Pageant 2016?
I have something up my sleeve, but…let's finish #Pageant 2015 first…don't you want to know who won?

The Friendliest Vampire in the World who because of a Dimensionsion Invasion …and… Princess January, the Vampire Pop Star Paper Doll Model, has been on a visible hiatus…
cresc at 6:14PM, Aug. 20, 2016
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Where is the 2015 pageant being updated?
Dragonaur at 10:05AM, Aug. 26, 2016
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cresc wrote:
Where is the 2015 pageant being updated?


The link changed awhile back, not sure why but whatever. ^_^
VinoMas at 6:01PM, Aug. 28, 2016
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Thanks Dragonaur. I'll be sending private messages alerting you when your contestant's page is premiering. We are currently posting The Return of the 2015 #Pageant every day in the link Dragonaur sent!

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