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A Simple Scribe-- Dark Fantasy Graphic Novel
DJMulcahy at 11:38AM, April 23, 2017
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Hey, guys!

I'm new to Duck but I've been doing the digital artwork/graphic novel thing for a little bit now, and decided this would be a great place to post my newest work.

It's “A Simple Scribe”, a dark fantasy graphic novel that I'm going to be releasing in serialized format, updated every week.

Have a look!

One of my big pet peeves about following webcomics and such is that frequently the authors lose interest after a while and the story you've been following disappears, never to be seen again!

Well, don't you worry. This is a COMPLETED graphic novel, and I'm releasing it in serialized format just for fun and excitement. If you stick it out, you'll get a complete story.

With this done, I've started to dig into my next project, which I'll hopefully be able to unveil somewhere after A Simple Scribe has been released in full.

So… give a look, provide lots of comments and likes. Visit the Facebook page (which I just got up and running) to say hi and chit-chat. I'll try to update some future progress on the new project here and there.

Thanks for checking me out! Lemme know what you think!
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