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(PLUG) My Hero Academia and SPN fancomics...! (And potential reboots on the horizon!)
AshleeS at 11:21PM, April 15, 2018
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Hello, everyone! I'm Ashlee and I was actually a regular on the site a few years back; I'm currently doing mostly commission-work and such, but I figured I'd cross-post some of my fancomics here — specifically, A Little Break, a 30 page My Hero Academia fancomic centered around the hero All Might (as a note, it has spoilers if you're an anime-only watcher).

I also have old Supernatural comics cross-posted, centered around Sam Winchester.

I've been working on a revamp of my old comic Deadpill, but that one may take a bit more time to finish; feel free to check out the older version of Deadpill for an example of how the story is — or one of the fancomics if you're interested.

It's nice to be updating things here again. ♥ Thanks for checking out my stuff, if you sneak a peek!
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