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What is you BEST work? Quackcast topic
Ozoneocean at 8:22PM, June 5, 2018
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In the latest Quackcast we talked about “What was your best work?”, what are YOU most proud off?

For the NEXT Quackcast we need you to share your best with us so that we can promote it.
Please tell us and give us a link.
Describe the work you're most proud off and why you're most proud of it.
bravo1102 at 6:02AM, June 6, 2018
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The Drunkduck radio plays. The pages I did for them were my best work. And sadly I probably will never be able to do traditional work like that ever again. I had to ice the elbow and wrist after every panel.

Other than that the composite sequences I did for Tales of SIG especially the bridge scenes. It's also some of the sharpest comic (as in funny as opposed to webcomic) dialogue I've ever written. Nothing I've managed since just has that same “snap” of back and forth.
usedbooks at 10:18AM, June 6, 2018
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I posted on the main page, but I'll post here too, since I can share a link.

My best work, imo, was a chapter of UB called Stormy Thoughts, which was drawn August-September of 2012. The art is… okay. At the time, it was really giving it my all. But the layouts and dialogue and just the scenes in general really did everything I wanted. It felt powerful and significant. It's mostly just a really heartfelt and relationship-turning conversation between frenemy-lovers-exes (and also a suicide attempt, so it's kinda heavy).

Here's part of it.
Emevsa at 1:01AM, June 7, 2018
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The FYC poster we did for The Constellation Chronicle is hands down my best work to date. Turned out way way WAY better than expected. We made it a poster for our supporters. :)

Lightfoot at 5:18AM, June 7, 2018
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You know, I have no idea. Sometimes you like an item because you thought it was a clever idea, or it was drawn well, or written well, or especially funny. But usually not one item has all of those things.

I might select a picture, but there would be no writing involved in it usually. If I selected a comic page, it might be a page where I like the layout and writing best, but wasn't the best or most complex to draw. It also could be an older item, and comparatively not drawn as well.

If you're picking the best drawn, it's going to be bias towards newer items. If best written, it might be older, because it'll stand out more to you.
KimLuster at 8:43AM, June 7, 2018
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I hate to cop out on this but I really do feel like my best work is still to come, and… I think I'll always feel that way. I'm super self-critical and I can't look back at anything and say with certainty “This is my best work!”

But… if I just have to pick something I really thought was a good idea that I mostly pulled off, it'd have to be Kimber Lee's dream Odyssey in the Godstrain, pages 297-338. It's the climax of the story, IMO!
RobertRVeith at 10:51AM, June 7, 2018
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I've become a big fan of my own work. :-)

That is, I feel like after decades of work, I'm finally making the art that I aspired to as a child.

Dragons in Civilized Lands utilizes a… either an innovative or crazy mix of 2D and 3D art that I developed myself. I love the whole book, but the spread introducing the bone dragon in Chapter 3 is a particular favorite. It took me about a week to draw.

I'm also proud of the cover I designed for the first Sasha Dreis novel. I love a collaboration (in this case with Connor Alexander, the book's author) where we both love the end result.
Albino Ginger at 4:59PM, June 7, 2018
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I have to agree with Kim. “my best work is still to come, and… I think I’ll always feel that way” until I’m dead or unable to work anymore… I tend to feel that whatever I am working on is my best work… Am I wrong to assume most people are like that?
Ozoneocean at 7:57AM, June 8, 2018
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Wow, I'm blown away! Awesome responses 😁

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