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how do i get people to like my comics?
Wobotnik at 5:37PM, Sept. 27, 2018
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i haven't been making comics for months now my comics are called ‘Cheetah Boy Comics’ which is a cartoony, comedy and witty comic with humor of that also but i get no likes, do you have to be good at art in order to receive any likes? are there any tips you guys have?
replies to this thread will be appreciated.
Avart at 6:44AM, Sept. 28, 2018
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Hi! The rule is simple: update frequently and interact with other creators reading comics and commenting.
Amelius at 2:54PM, Sept. 28, 2018
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Alright, I checked it out and yes I may have a little advice for you to hopefully help out. The comic's cute and page 3 made me chuckle.

Posting in the forum and making a presence for yourself in the community is a good start. One of DD's most woeful drawbacks is the difficulty of getting attention via the main page, the thumbnails are dismally small and scooted off quickly, and the search function SUCKS for finding new comics.

Not updating for months will definitely hurt your chances for attention and getting traction. Once you get eyes on your work you need to dedicate some time to keeping update momentum. You won't accumulate readers by simply existing!

The biggest thing is update often. From your comments on the recent page it appears you are depending on a friend to finalize your pages? (I am unclear on what digitalizing the page means?) It might be a good idea to hold some pages in reserve when they are finished and build up a buffer so you're not running up against your update deadline with nothing to post when your friend falls behind on delivering the next page.

Definitely should size your title banner down at least 75% of the current size, the reader should be greeted by the top of your comic page, not your title!

Keep focused on your comic, and don't pad your archive with non-pages. 2 of your 7 pages are not comic pages but announcements with no art. The filler page apologizing for the low budget is fine for a meta joke. If you wish to use a page of your archive for announcements, it helps to post at least some art, maybe character profiles like I've seen some folks do, if it's something you're going to keep in the archive. It's a good idea to delete or replace pages like the “no update” page with the actual comic page instead of letting it linger in your archive. If people come to expect your archive to be littered with things like this, they won't stick around to read more.

As to the art, it's not strictly necessary to be great at art to get likes and readers. There's plenty of relatively popular comics out there that speak to that. My own art was Not Greatâ„¢ for the first year I updated, but I updated every day for 3 years without missing a day and it got better. I can't update daily anymore but if I hadn't done it back then, I wouldn't be anywhere near the top ten on this site.

So yeah that's my advice from my experience! Good luck out there!

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