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Discussion on future tech and society - Monday Musing - Stronger population!
sunseeker25 at 4:42PM, Jan. 7, 2019
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Here's the topic for today - please share your thoughts in a comment!

Odds are, we'd have a lot less reliance on the machinery we do now. Realistically, that kind of strength would let people forego using certain kinds of vehicles to move things around, but would also let people run really fast and jump higher, too. This isn't going to get rid of forklifts or cars, but would mean people would rely on them less.

I think what is interesting is that this kind of in-body or on-body tech would allow us (perhaps ironically) to behave in a more natural manner, i.e. just pick things up, walk, or jump instead of relying on more obvious prosthetics. That's more intuitive and I think people would just go with that in most cases, when able to do so.

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