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finally making a post here?? (Scarred Eden)
damehelsing at 2:24PM, June 16, 2019
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Hey guys! I'm damehelsing! real name is Alice and my nickname is Aggie or Aggiebun which is my name on some of my soial medias! ^-^

I'm 22 years old I love writing and drawing and that turned into my love for webcomics.
I have a precious dutch bun named Maximus, he's a total prince and a gladiator <3 and there honestly isn't much to say about me personally, I think I lead a rather boring life so I think I'll move on to the more interesting part hopefully lol

I'm the creator of Scarred Eden. I've been writing it since I was a sophomore in highschool and it's been my baby since. Besides Maximus, he's my ultimate baby. <3

Scarred Eden is a big project, even for it kind of being my first. I say kind of because I did originally post it around the web but it followed a different storyline and had a different name but still had the same main characters. But honestly it's practically an entirely different story lol

Scarred Eden has fortunately already been a featured comic (btw thank you ozone, you rock <3) but if you guys didn't see it here's my little intro/way of describing it to new readers “Beatrice is tormented by the same dream for years until one day she's left questioning if they really are just dreams or if someone's trying to reach out to her.”
Even though it's not apparent AT THE MOMENT lol it does follow under the sci-fi-fantasy genre as well as action/adventure with some humor, romance and drama. *wiggly eyebrows*
Chapter 3 actually started yesterday and I'm super excited for that! ^^

Honestly if you guys check out my webcomic I hope you like it and if you don't, I'm sorry? D: not everything will be everyone's cup of tea and I totally get it ^-^ anyway that's my intro I think?
I'm bad at these things lol

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