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"Zener - Master of the Mind"
NRG Comics at 12:20PM, Feb. 28, 2020
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Hey Guys! NRG Comics™ Here!

For those of you new to us, we're an indie comic book company with the goal of creating the next big superhero universe. And we've just released Issue 0 of our latest title series- “Zener Master of the Mind”

Zener is the story of Axel De Veyra, a person with incredible psychic powers who strives to use them for the betterment of mankind as the superhero Zener. But his greatest battle is not with a super villain, but his own fragile sanity crippled from tragic adolescent trauma. Will Zener become the hero we need, or the monster we fear?

Zener is a subversive take on traditional superheroes as it is a story about what happens when someone genuinely wants to be a hero, but the circumstances of their life make it all but impossible for them.

You can read issue zero right here on Tapas:

And we will be launching our #Indiegogo #Crowdfunding Campaign in March for the first volume/complete story arc of Zener! So if this peaks your interest, please share with your friends, family, watchers and followers, because a bigger, wider audience means a better chance for Zener to come to life!

And you can sign up for our mailing list on our Website and receive updates on the Indiegogo!

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