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cause and effect premise
PIT_FACE at 6:17AM, April 19, 2020
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I haven't made a topic in a while but I wanted to make a topic, so here's an idea:

Describe the premise/plot of each/any of your stories you've created here on Drunk Duck BUT there are THREE criteria that you have to follow:

1.) You have to phrase it a single sentence which boils the plot down to a simple cause and effect.

2.) You cannot use proper nouns, so forget naming particular people, places and things from your comics. You can use regular nouns.

3.) you CAN use 3 adjectives if you wish to do so.


Putrid Meat: A mean mutant boss comes to town which makes a stinky man start fightin.

Blitzov: A group of angry enemies attacks, which makes a dystopian hovel change.

Brave Resistance: A pilot crashes during a war, which makes bad guys really worked up.

I'm not very creative with words. Let's see what you can do!
Edit: Just had another idea. you can also post the plot to a movie or book or whatever that you HAVEN't made in this sort of format and see if anyone can guess what you're talking bout.

For instance: Two sisters get stuck in a deep cage in the ocean, which makes cute sharks really hungry.

this post is a mess. do what you want.

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usedbooks at 7:20AM, April 19, 2020
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Used Books:
The recently-defunct crime syndicate starts making a comeback, which greatly annoys reformed members and eventually pushes them to fight back.

Strange Creatures:
An unusual animal is found in the basement of a dead man, which forces an alliance of the local veterinarian, a country girl, a wildlife rehabilitator, a college professor, a student cryptid enthusiast, and a federal agent, who are antagonized by a world-renowned tabloid reporter.
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Banes at 7:29AM, April 19, 2020
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Love this!
OK, lessee…

When a slacker is brainwashed into fatherly love for a pint-sized agent, he puts his own life in danger to help the cranky lawman in his mission.

-Typical Strange issue “Pop”

When two slackers realize they're living in a comic book, they battle the nasty writers to prevent their own deletion.

-Typical Strange issue “What's the Story”

bravo1102 at 1:27AM, April 20, 2020
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It's the book blurb exercise.

Boil down your entire story to the barest essential cause and effect expressed in a single sentence with no specific references.

Put on your best announcer voice because this is what ad writers would use to sell your story.

A trio of wisecracking aliens attack a remote base to kidnap women and turn them into mindless, and topless, laser wielding robots!

Mayhem ensues.

Attack of the Robofemoids.

A Foley production, directed by Marvin Pella. Rated R for graphic violence and nudity. Available on VHS and DVD

See the comic adaptation on Drunkduck webcomics.
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bravo1102 at 2:13AM, April 20, 2020
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To expand on this is a the writing class exercise. You present the class with the one sentence blurb for a well known story like,

“A diverse group of characters take the mission to destroy a powerful item and get embroiled in intrigue and conflict while two of the original group try to finish the mission”

So is this Lord of the Rings or Guns of Navarone? Yes.

Take that as your lead and develop an outline for a story based on the blurb in any of the following genre/settings

Science Fiction
Film noirs

And so on.

Pit has such a great idea here. The point is to strip the story down to the bare bones to illustrate the core idea of what storytelling is about.

What is the core cause and effect of your story?
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Tantz_Aerine at 6:10AM, April 20, 2020
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Without Moonlight: A kid finds a microfilm and ends up joining the resistance while the bad guys mess up everything, including him.
bravo1102 at 7:22AM, April 20, 2020
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Tantz_Aerine wrote:
Without Moonlight: A kid finds a microfilm and ends up joining the resistance while the bad guys mess up everything, including him.
I am disappointed in you tantzaerine. Definitely needs polishing. ;)

This has to grab the listener and make them say “I gotta read/watch(even produce) this!!”

It's related to the elevator pitch. You have five minutes to convey the essence of your story and convince someone to put up millions to make a movie out of it.

A boy finds a secret microfilm in occupied Europe, joins the resistance and gets deeply involved in intrigue and double dealing as the enemy tries to locate it.

That'll grab them and it's not hyperbole. Without Moonlight delivers on all of that.
Tantz_Aerine at 8:49AM, April 20, 2020
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Hah, we weren't asked to write a logline Mr. Bravo, sir. But thank you :P
bravo1102 at 9:17AM, April 20, 2020
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Tantz_Aerine wrote:
Hah, we weren't asked to write a logline Mr. Bravo, sir. But thank you :P

I just think the sentence should reflect some of the passion the creator feels about and pours into their work.

As I struggle with another script because I haven't had a chance to finish the costuming for the next scene in Belle's Best. 🙄

And Belle's Best? A busty B-movie actress struggles with life on and off the screen as she deals with crazy film crews, co-stars and family while making bad movies.
Tantz_Aerine at 9:20AM, April 20, 2020
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You honour me Bravo, thank you!

I must say I wrote it while being hangover and trying to make myself sleep :P
Ozoneocean at 10:33AM, April 20, 2020
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Pinky TA 6:
Four idiots crash their tank in the desert, get lost in a sandstorm, and end up getting promoted because they didn't get killed.

Pinky TA 7:
A lady and a man pilot walking war-machines on a mission and end up fighting with each other because the man betrays the woman.

Bottomless Waitress:
Three woman with bare bottoms run a diner together and get into comical situations with other staff and patrons because they're almost but not quite half naked.

Pinky TA 1 - 5
Pink haired lady soldier with a big bum pisses people off, is hated by a mean woman with short hair, fails her mission and becomes disillusioned with war because of it.
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fallopiancrusader at 3:21PM, April 20, 2020
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Mind fold: A criminal is exiled to an alien planet, where she leaves behind her abusive family of origin, and surrounds herself with a family of choice.

Tusk: A down-on-her-luck gladiator fights her way through a callous world, where she is the perennial target of swords, arrows, and racial prejudice
PIT_FACE at 6:20PM, April 20, 2020
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Ducklings! Very enthralling, but don't forget the cause and effect clause!


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