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Script Writing and Character/Creature design services available!
MatthewYoung at 5:50AM, May 25, 2020
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Do you have a story in your head that you can't quite put to paper? Or a concept you can't fully realize? Maybe I can help with that. I've had a lot of passion for writing stories and designing all kinds of men and monsters over the years, and I would very much like to make a career from that passion. So here's what I can offer.

I'll admit now that I haven't been to any sort of art or writing schools and have no ‘professional’ portfolio to show off. But I HAVE been perfecting the craft over time, and can guarantee you my top quality work. If you'd like to see my works for reference, I have a some currently unfinished comic series you can flip through to get an idea of what I do. Otherwise, here's a rundown…

On script writing – I am very particular about writing and work hard to bring worlds to life. I can help you with anything from short scenes to full stories and their cast of characters. I can work with as little as a general concept and will ask you how you may want the scene or story to unfold as we go along.

My specialty definitely leans more into the fictional/fantastical realm. Chances are the more of a world there is to create, the better I will be able to work with it. I can work with real world settings or concepts but you'll find me more impassioned with the former. Anything on the nonfiction or political spectrum is not my area of expertise, so I would recommend finding someone more capable in that field.

Characters, their personalities, histories, traits, physical attributes, relationships, dialogue. I take all of these things into great consideration while writing so expect to be talking about them with me quite a bit.

Genre/Setting is not an issue. I can conform to any one you have in mind, though know that my preferred genres/settings to work in are fantasy/science fiction, romance, horror, and adventure.

Scene structure is important. I will write and rewrite the specific details of each scene so they are easy to understand and well paced. I will write the scene in the format of your choosing. Additionally, if you require visuals on some specifics, I will draw them out for you in a comic book frame style. Keep in mind depending on how much I need to draw will reflect on the cost of my services.

I will provide feedback for ideas you have and how well or not said idea might fit into the script. Constructive criticism is a valuable thing and I promise not to mince words with any critique I may have. In turn, I expect the same. I would like you to voice any problems you have with the script so they can be remedied.

I can help with note-taking and lore-keeping, which is another important process in the writing department. If you want full bios on characters or settings for you to reference later, then I can compile everything we've written and do just that.

As far as price is concerned, my current rate will be 5 cents per word. Be warned, it adds up fast, especially with more complex stories. But as I said before, I guarantee you only the best of the best in terms of story and script writing. And I will communicate with you the whole way, to assure what I'm writing meets your standards.

On Character Designs – Similar to my love of writing, I have always toiled over the exact way a character or creature should look and function within their respective world. This is not merely a commission where I draw your original character (though that will be done, make no mistake). I will create a full composition of your character or creature that you can go back and use for reference. Allow me to explain the process further.

I will start by asking you many questions about said character and create a basic design from there. The more you know about your character from the start the quicker and easier it will be, but if you're light on details then I can help you flesh out the empty bits.

Next I will compile all the notes taken on said character and create a streamlined character sheet, complete with a full bio if you like. The sheet will contain all the little things that make the character unique, things like quirks or traits (basically the same as I said in the lore-keeping department)

I will keep redesigning the character until you are happy with the final product, and will provide additional sketches for tertiary details. The same applies for creature designs though they will take a lot more consideration. For creatures I can add a whole section of their characteristics if you like. The idea is to make everything super easy to go back to and check long after my work is done.

The price here will be hourly. Depending on how long I work on the design will decide how much you pay for the design, so keep complexity in mind while taking notes with me. I am a adequate artist and my coloring is admittedly simple, but like with writing I guarantee you my best quality.

When all is said and done (and paid for), the script or design is yours to use as you see fit. I will by no means claim ownership of your ideas, though credit where credit's due will obviously be greatly appreciated with your finished product. Additionally if you are satisfied with the work I would request allowing me to add it to my portfolio of sorts, it will help me grow my credentials. If you decline for whatever reason, rest assured not a single word nor sketch will be made public.

That segues nicely into my confidentiality assurance. Your ideas will be for my eyes only and I will never share anything that's not mine to share. I'm basically making a living off of each client's perception of me and I definitely don't want to tarnish that with shoddy work or shady intent. And with that, those are my services. I am confident in my ability to make a well-written script or fully realized character just for you, and look forward to whatever business you may have with me.

We can discuss further in one of the contacts below (choose whichever you're comfortable with)

Twitter handle is @thatdeadpenguy - Direct Messages Only.

Discord Username is MatthewYoung#8745 - We can start a group chat if there's more than one of you

Finally, my email is

If you're interested, send me a message, we'll work something out.
You can find my comics on this very site if you want some examples on what I do.
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MatthewYoung at 8:59AM, June 4, 2020
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Just wanted to add that my services as far as script writing is concerned are a bit more flexible than that of character design. For example, say you only wanted me to review your finished draft and provide critique and suggestions on where it might need change, I can do that.
Or say you only need assistance on one portion of the script writing process like structure or dialogue, I can do that as well. Both of these options will be accordingly cheaper depending on how much work I put into it on my end.
I suppose the same could be said for character design, but to a lesser degree. Say if all you want from me is to draw your character then I would recommend a proper commission artist as my art skills are only adequate at best (gets the job done).
In any case, I hope these statements help in your consideration on whether or not you require my services. I've already helped with a few scripts here and there and would love to work on yours. After all, every new job is a chance to grow.

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