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What are the odds of re starting creator interviews?
cdmalcolm1 at 7:35PM, Aug. 4, 2020
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I read a few interviews we have here on DD. Very nice. So I was thinking, why don’t we go back to that? Maybe once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month? It can get a feature article on the home page to get to know both veterans and new comers. Just a little idea. What do you think? Bad idea, good idea?
Genejoke at 6:04PM, Aug. 5, 2020
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I think it's a solid idea, i thought about it myself recently. perhaps it could be a quackcast thing?
Avart at 6:58PM, Aug. 5, 2020
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Sounds great!
ozoneocean at 8:14PM, Aug. 5, 2020
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Sure, does someone want to organise that? :D

For the Quackcast they should be live interviews.
The person will have to be ready at 11AM new York time and have about 3 hours to spare.
(New York time is EST for Americans, -4 GMT for the rest of the world)
You'll need a gmail address so we can send oy a link to join our google hangout.
You'll also need a microphone and a descent internet connection.
cdmalcolm1 at 11:45PM, Aug. 5, 2020
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I know it would work Great as a quack cast feature. I was more or least talking about the forum interviews we have here. Those are great too, at least to me. Why did it even stop? It was one of the best hidden gems in the DD. Maybe times have changed.
kawaiidaigakusei at 12:25AM, Aug. 9, 2020
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This is a very good suggestion, @cdmalcolm1, I used to do creator interviews on the front page for Monday News when I first started. It takes a bit of coordination and advanced planning from the creator, but I am sure if people are willing to be interviewed, it is always possible. It is great exposure as well an interesting read.
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
hushicho at 5:16PM, Aug. 9, 2020
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I think it would probably work much better and more easily for all parties involved if they could be in-text interviews instead. There are certainly opportunities to have interviews and guest spots on your podcasts, if you're recording those at only a certain time, but there are too many different schedules to make that possible with the largest group of people.

I would say that it would probably be a better idea to establish a consistent interview format with the same questions presented to every creator, and some could be expanded upon if desired.

For something of a compromise, you could also try interviewing people via Discord, since you are after all on there. That way, you could converse with them in real time and change, add, or remove anything on the fly, to make for a more organic interview.

But I do think that email or private message is the way to go for completely assured interviews that would get you the maximum possible participants, which I think would be good for showing the range of variety and diversity in content on the Duck. I think that would be the fundamental format for success, with the option to do either of the others if it's possible for both parties.

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