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Superhero shared multiverse.
Digital_Genesis at 11:06AM, Aug. 9, 2020
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I have been searching the Duck and other sites to see if there are any active crossovers superhero projects. I see something called Heroes Unite and Heroes Alliance. I have also seen another site with something called the Pen and Cape Society and Collective of Heroes.

My question is this… are there any active shared multiverses for creators to collaborate and post? It's painfully obvious to me that the market for superheroes is pretty small with regards to webcomics. This makes our stuff hard to discover as we tend to be needles in a haystack.

However, if we came together, did cross promotion, shared projects, maybe a shared multiverse, it could give those looking for traditional superheroes one place to find everything. Like a virtual superhero comic book shop. Is anyone out there interested in working on something like this with me?
MegaRdaniels at 11:31PM, Aug. 15, 2020
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Do you have a superhero comic? If so, I can crossover with you. :)
cdmalcolm1 at 3:56PM, Sept. 30, 2020
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I am part of the artist that shared the heroes alliance universe. (HU-Universe). Up until 2018 it seemed to have come to A pause. I would be interested but the superhero I have in the Heroes Alliance has her own comic I’m working on now. Originally, it was suppose to be slice of life, cool down moments of her being introduced to Heroes Alliance. I can help out here and there if you are interested. PQ me. I wouldn’t mind if my characters are shared with other universes. That Is why I made her.
takoyama at 9:07PM, March 16, 2022
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are superhero comics rare as webcomics? i've seen a few.
I have a superhero comic myself, my character of thrud is available for crossovers if wanted

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