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Requesting art/writing content for Halloween Zine
JillyFoo at 12:25AM, Aug. 12, 2020
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Sup Ducks!

First off a story: I work with middle school and elementary kids. This 2020-2021 school year is going to be… a year. The staff I work with were told: “Don't bring up or talk about Halloween, because there won't be trick or treating or any parties this year due to Covid-19. You will just make the kids upset.”

So I thought to bring Halloween happiness to the kids this year, the group I am working with FanMinnetastic will make a Halloween Zine with cool pictures, maybe a maze, creepy pasta ghost stories and something to color. We will print them and put the zines in little free libraries all over the city of Minneapolis, St Paul, Rochester and some parts of Northern Iowa in October.

Would you like to be part of this?

If you have any old inktober Halloween art you would like to have printed in the zine, or a maze drawing, (your original) creepy pasta limit 1000 words we would love it in the zine.


-I am limiting it to 1 item per person and 15 slots.

-You can include a ONE link to website or social media ONLY if it is all ages and target audience is for 18 and under. I will check. It is ok regardless to post your pen name, name without a link.

-The purpose is to give the zine to kids so content submitted needs to be so. Think Goosebumps or kids cartoons that have spooky stories in them. Leave out the gore, pinups, and religion/politics.
(If you really want your R content in a Halloween Zine, there is another editor in FanMinnetastic that is doing an R Halloween Zine, but they will not be doing the big print off and distribution.)

-Fanart is OKAY! Kids love fanart. As long as it's Halloween related.

-It will be printed in black and white so that's why inktober art would look good for it. The print will be 5 1/4th in high and 4 in wide, the art details will be small. Same with writing.

-When you get the file to print, you do not have permission to edit the content of the zine.

-I reserve the right to refuse submissions if I feel the content isn't what I am looking for or the zine runs out of slots.

What do you get out of this?

-Your art/writing will be printed in a zine and distributed in areas free of charge.

-You will get a pdf and jpeg file of the zine formatted, edited and ready to print to print yourself.

-You have permission to print with your own money and distribute or sell the zine. (If you do not want others printing your art/writing and possibly selling in this matter do not submit to this project.) This is great if you need something on your table for conventions in 2021.

Okay! So if you made it this far and you still want to be a part of this submit your high res art to jillyfoo

For writing you can just copy paste it in the email and send to jillyfoo

Do this by Sept. 25, 2020!

If you are interested in R Halloween submissions email fanminnetastic subjectline: “Interest in Halloween R submissions” I don't know all the limits rules for this so can't guarantee a slot.
bravo1102 at 9:14AM, Aug. 12, 2020
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I have a couple of creepy pasta style stories that actually happened to me as an overnight security guard in a senior residence.

JillyFoo at 5:41AM, Sept. 9, 2020
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Update: We have 5 slots left in the Kid Halloween Zine! The Mature/Adult one doesn't have space limits. Thank you so much for the submissions so far! I am already getting started putting together the print prototype.

All entries due Sept 25th.
JillyFoo at 8:07PM, Sept. 20, 2020
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UPDATE! Submissions for the Kid Halloween Zine are CLOSED! We got enough content for an awesome zine! YAY! Thank you! Thank you! I will post a link once I got it all together for the public to see. Those that put in something will be emailed soon. It's still going to take a few days to edit and format.

The Adult Halloween Zine is still taking submissions until Oct 10th!

If you are interested in R Halloween submissions email fanminnetastic subject line: “Interest in Halloween R submissions”

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