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Searching for Coloring artist/collaborator for original works
Nekro Kitty at 8:09PM, Feb. 21, 2021
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I am searching for a fellow artist to work with to produce original comics. I have trouble maintaining scheduling and motivation when it comes to coloring and backgrounds and would like to work with someone who is adept with such things to actually produce fulfilled works.

I do not wish to have someone that is just an underling though. I want to work together for both of our projects and collaborate that plays to our strengths; including character design, plot and story details, etc. Maybe, even coming up with a new project from scratch.

I have a current project that has been on indefinite hiatus known as Devil's BnB, an adult comic coming in at 15 pages. (NSFW)

Future projects of mine include a fantasy slice of life story, involving magic, monsters and romance. As well as a more dramatic, actiony story with an overall darker tone and more drama, which focuses on two characters and their relationship.

I am almost exclusively a GL artist and all of my original stories are GL, but I am not limited to working solely in that genre with collaborative projects or someone else's ideas.

To get a better frame of my art and art style, check out my newgrounds profile it is where I post most of my art nowadays. Also, check my twitter for more WIPs and sketches.

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