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Character height
Ozoneocean at 9:55PM, April 22, 2021
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How tall/short are your characters?

I'm not sure about the characters in Pinky TA, but I'm got a good idea of the Bottomless Waitress characters. (though Banes might have a better idea than me)

Niki is tallest at almost 7 feet. She's a big lady.
Polly is second tallest at about 6 feet.
Jane is about 5'7 I think
Francis is about 5 feet
Wilfred is about 5'9
Craig is 5'8 maybe?

Ironscarf at 5:02AM, April 23, 2021
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Ozoneocean wrote:

I'm not sure about the characters in Pinky TA, but I'm got a good idea of the Bottomless Waitress characters.

Interesting question. I never really thought about the exact heights of the Awfully Decent characters, but definitely thought about their relative heights and tried to keep those consistent.
In contrast, The Demon Librarian is around 5'10“ I'd say, with Kurt being 5'9” and Mr Mildew just a whisker short of 6'.

Could it be we are developing a more concrete idea of the worlds we create over time and drawing practise?
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usedbooks at 5:28AM, April 23, 2021
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Yuki is 5'10“
Kaida is 5'6”
Seiko is 5'2“

Tristan is 6'2”
Mike is just under 5'

Tbh, I haven't given much thought about the others and probably am inconsistent. It's more a relative thing. Like I roughly know if certain characters should be taller or shorter or roughly the same height as others. And really, these numbers aren't set in my head either. I just know Mike is the smallest adult (except for Seiko's deceased mother). And the tallest is a “henchman” named Tim, who's over seven feet.
bravo1102 at 8:51AM, April 23, 2021
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I pay attention to relative heights as I have remarked upon in the author notes. I have modified the height of many of the figures to provide a greater variety than the manufacturers do.

Belle is the shortest of the three Brandon sisters and Brenda is the tallest. Their aunt Trisha is taller than all of the sisters as she takes after her brother; their late father. One of the other actresses towers over her mother who is the costume mistress as shown a few weeks ago in the comic.

You can infer a lot with relative heights and it can definitely influence relationships and character interactions.
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Banes at 6:39AM, April 24, 2021
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This is fun stuff to think about with a cast of characters btw -

oz, I had no idea Francis was that short and Nikki that tall. xD

I started out with heights in mind for the cast, but the way they
compare to each other is the more important part. Anyway, I'm a bit flexible with it but:

Typical Strange

Penelope - about 6'8 or a bit more.
Wade - about 6'6 or a bit more.
TK - 5'9 or ‘10
Abigail - 5’9 or ‘10
Harley - 5’6 to 5'8
Oscar - 5'6 to 5'8

In Chatterbox, I'm similarly flexible. There are tall characters, like
Lily and the crime boss Santorelli, and CB is shorter than almost everyone
else we see.


CB - somewhere between 4'10 and 5'1
Lily - about 6'3"

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simonitro at 8:16AM, April 27, 2021
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The heights of Lyza's Sandstorm:

Starting with Lyza, herself. Lyza's isn't very tall. She's about 5'3“. She isn't very tall but not quite short. She's about average. Despite her length, she's physically strong.

Ethan, her brother, is much taller. His length about 7'2” He's one of the tallest character in the whole story.

Markin, her driver, is about Lyza's length a bit taller… maybe around 5'7".

Those are the main characters' heights.

Enjoy… Las Vegas-y
L.C.Stein at 3:31PM, May 2, 2021
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Interesting. You can really go outside the box with physical proportions in comics. A 7' woman is not really something you see in real life.

I don't have any crazy tall or crazy short characters, though…my main character Amy is mean to be an average-looking American woman, so she's around 5'4“. The other main character is a cat LOL, but he's a ”larger than average“ cat. Amy's friends Sheila, Svetlana, Miguel and Amanda are around 5'5” - 5'8". Ahmed is a bit taller at 180 cm (he's British LOL…I think that's around 6' or almost 6'). Amy's boss is around that height too, maybe a bit taller. Basically, my comic features everyday people with average physical proportions that may find themselves in crazy scenarios.
Andreas_Helixfinger at 4:56AM, May 3, 2021
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I guess if around 5'4“ is the average height for american women, then you could pretty comfortably refer to Molly Lusc as a short american woman (excluding the fact that she's a antropomorphic seal-mutant of course^^). I would say she's about 4'9”.

Of course this isn't that difficult to tell since most adult people, men and women, tower over her in almost every panel she's in. Her husband Nico would be 5'1“ or 5'2”, so he wouldn't exactly be within the average height of american men which from what I've googled is 5'9, which is about my height^^
Ozoneocean at 9:50PM, May 3, 2021
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It's funny but I'm terrible at judging heights in real life. Short people seem average or even tallish to me and tall people can seem shortish or average…
It's weird. Only when I see them out of context, in a photo standing next top someone else can I actually see their real height XD

The only times I can really recognise height is when it's extreme.
KAM at 4:13AM, May 8, 2021
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I kind of have a lazy habit of drawing characters at around the same height. I only realized it when Ron of Magical Misfits posted a chart of his characters heights and I was shocked at how short most of them were.

I drew myself in some comics and I'm 5'10. Nikki is the same height at me, so she's 5'10“. Nikki is the same height as Gertrude & Brunhilda so they're 5'10… yeah…

When I gave Nikki her own series I gave her a supporting character named Clem who is shorter, so Clem is probably 5'5” or 5'6". Not much of a change, but I'm trying.
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